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Alberto Galeazzi

Born  6 Aug 1906Marina di Campo (Leghorn)
Died   1987(80)Milan


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


14 Jan 1948 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

H.1 (T.V. First Officer): from 05.02.1940 to April 1940?
H.1 (T.V. C.O.): from May 1940? to 30.06.1940.
H.2 (T.V. C.O.): from 01.07.1940 to 16.09.1940.
TITO SPERI (T.V. C.O.): from 19.09.1940 to 03.01.1941.
PIETRO MICCA (T.V. C.O.): from 23.04.1942 to 20.03.1943.
OTARIA (T.V. C.O.): from 25.02.1943 to 12.04.1943. Joined RSI.

Commands listed for Alberto Galeazzi

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 1 (H1, P.56)CoastalT.V.5 Feb 194030 Jun 1940
H 2 (H2)CoastalT.V.1 Jul 194016 Sep 1940
Tito Speri (TS)Ocean goingT.V.19 Sep 19403 Jan 1941
Pietro Micca (MC)MinelayingT.V.23 Apr 194220 Mar 1943
Otaria (OA, I.25)Ocean goingT.V.25 Feb 194312 Apr 1943

Ships hit by Alberto Galeazzi

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Alberto Galeazzi

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.H 1 (H1, P.56)9 Jun 19402400La Spezia13 Jun 19400625La Spezia193,5Patrolled between La Gorgona and Cape Corso.

2.H 1 (H1, P.56)19 Jun 19402300La Spezia25 Jun 19401006La Spezia375,5Defensive patrol with H.8 195° - Genoa Light - 15 miles.

3.H 2 (H2)9 Jul 19402200La Spezia14 Jul 19400700La Spezia327Patrolled 110° - Cape Noli - 30 miles.

H 2 (H2)25 Jul 19400545La Spezia25 Jul 19401020La Spezia26,5Exercises.

H 2 (H2)30 Jul 19400600La Spezia30 Jul 19401430La Spezia71Exercises.

H 2 (H2)3 Aug 19400645La Spezia3 Aug 19401330La Spezia25Exercises.

4.H 2 (H2)6 Aug 19401500La Spezia10 Aug 19400800La Spezia399Defensive patrol in Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful.

H 2 (H2)28 Aug 19400800La Spezia28 Aug 19401630La Spezia55Exercises.

H 2 (H2)6 Sep 19401230La Spezia6 Sep 19401755La Spezia21Exercises.

H 2 (H2)12 Sep 19401245La Spezia12 Sep 19401750La Spezia21Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)19 Sep 19400610Messina19 Sep 19401430Messina58,5Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)23 Sep 19400600Messina23 Sep 19401550Messina71Exercises.

5.Tito Speri (TS)13 Oct 19400600Messina23 Oct 19401340Messina1277,5Patrolled between Crete and Alexandria, within 10 miles from a line between 33°55'N, 24°30'E, and between 33°10'E and 24°00'E.
  14 Oct 19401232
(0) 120 miles from Malta (probably NE).
The submarine heard several explosions of bombs some quite close but hydrophones did not detect any sound so these must have come from an enemy bomber. She escaped damage.

Tito Speri (TS)5 Nov 19400800Messina5 Nov 19401630Messina62Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)16 Nov 19401300Messina17 Nov 19401030Taranto253Passage Messina-Taranto. Then long refit.

Tito Speri (TS)1 Jan 19410920Taranto1 Jan 19411750Taranto37Trials after refit.

Pietro Micca (MC)26 Apr 19420610Taranto26 Apr 19421323Taranto35Trials and exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)30 Apr 19420830Taranto30 Apr 19421504Taranto38,5Exercises with Bronzo, escorted by Audace.

Pietro Micca (MC)3 May 19421300Taranto3 May 19421748Taranto37Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)4 May 19421310Taranto4 May 19421830Taranto35,5Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)19 May 19420942Taranto19 May 19421857Taranto33,5Exercises.

Pietro Micca (MC)21 May 19421320Taranto21 May 19421810Taranto27,5Exercises, escorted back by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Pietro Micca (MC)25 May 19420830Taranto25 May 19421730Taranto71Trials.

Pietro Micca (MC)30 May 19421320Taranto30 May 19421803Taranto24Exercises, escorted back by R.D.30.

Pietro Micca (MC)5 Jun 19421323Taranto5 Jun 19421820Taranto26Exercises.

6.Pietro Micca (MC)14 Jun 19420815Taranto19 Jun 19421438Taranto911Patrolled southeast of Malta, between 34°20'N and 34°40'N, and between 14°40'E and 15°00'E.
  15 Jun 1942053037° 26'N, 17° 16'EAt 0530 hours, a Sunderland was seen at a distance of 5000 metres and attacked the submarine. Micca crash-dived and, at 0533 hours, she was shaken by four explosions but escaped without damage by going to 80 meters. More explosions followed but at a distance.

Pietro Micca (MC)20 Jun 19421020Taranto20 Jun 19421740Taranto80Sailed for patrol toward Crotone, but then ordered back.

7.Pietro Micca (MC)24 Jun 19421045Taranto28 Jun 19420900Benghazi1053Supply mission to Benghazi (185 tons: 181.5 tons of petrol and 3.5 tons of foodstuff). Uneventful. ULTRA sigint had learnt that Micca was going to Benghazi passing through 33°14’ N, 18°30’ E (see DEFE3/759/554 & 563, TNA) [mileage is for round trip].
  26 Jun 1942
1001C (e)

(e) 35° 07'N, 18° 09'E
A RAF aircraft sighted a submarine steering 172 degrees at 10 knots. This was most probably Pietro Micca proceeding to Benghazi.

8.Pietro Micca (MC)28 Jun 19422015Benghazi2 Jul 19421650TarantoReturn trip from supply mission to Benghazi.
  1 Jul 1942044837° 12'N, 17° 48'EAt 0448 hours, a Sunderland was seen at a distance of 3000 metres and the submarine dived.

9.Pietro Micca (MC)8 Jul 19421100Taranto12 Jul 19420815BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi (176.6 tons: 169.6 tons of petrol and 7 tons of ammunition). Uneventful.

Pietro Micca (MC)12 Jul 19421800Benghazi12 Jul 19422215BenghaziChanged anchorage.

Pietro Micca (MC)13 Jul 19420600Benghazi13 Jul 19420900BenghaziChanged anchorage to continue unloading.

10.Pietro Micca (MC)13 Jul 19421143Benghazi16 Jul 19421600Taranto1044Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

11.Pietro Micca (MC)27 Jul 19421215Taranto31 Jul 19420800BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi via 39°20'N, 17°40'E and 38°30'N, 17°40'E (170.3 tons: 166.8 tons of petrol, 3.5 tons of provisions).
  31 Jul 19420500
(0) Point C of Benghazi.
At 0500 hours, the Italian hospital ship Arno (8,024 GRT, built 1926) was observed arriving at Benghazi.
  31 Jul 19420520
(0) Point C of Benghazi.
At 0520 hours, a German aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.

12.Pietro Micca (MC)31 Jul 19421515Benghazi3 Aug 19421628Taranto1067Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful. Heard only H.E. without sighting anything.
  31 Jul 19420500
(0) Point C of Benghazi.
At 0500 hours, the Italian hospital ship Arno (8,024 GRT, built 1926) was observed arriving at Benghazi.
  31 Jul 19420520
(0) Point C of Benghazi.
At 0520 hours, a German aircraft was seen and exchanged recognition signals.

Pietro Micca (MC)4 Aug 19421630Taranto4 Aug 19421920Taranto20Trials.

13.Pietro Micca (MC)21 Aug 19421130Taranto24 Aug 19421212Benghazi1050Supply mission to Benghazi (123.4 tons: 102 tons of petrol and 21.4 tons of mineral water) [mileage is for round trip].
  23 Aug 1942091535° 00'N, 18° 00'EAt 0915 hours, a large aircraft was seen and the submarine dived. However, at 1100 hours, petrol fumes forced Micca to continue her passage on the surface to ventilate the submarine.
  23 Aug 1942142034° 34'N, 18° 20'EAt 1420 hours, a large white buoy, surmounted by a flag post 6 meters tall flying a black flag, was observed at a distance of 700 metres. Shortly after, a periscope was sighted at a distance of 500 meters.

14.Pietro Micca (MC)24 Aug 19422330Benghazi28 Aug 19421630Taranto1187,5Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi. Uneventful.

Pietro Micca (MC)29 Aug 19421455Taranto29 Aug 19421630Taranto9Trials.

15.Pietro Micca (MC)12 Sep 19421125Taranto16 Sep 19420930TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (170.9 tons of petrol). Uneventful.

16.Pietro Micca (MC)17 Sep 19421400Tripoli21 Sep 19421345Taranto1414Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

17.Pietro Micca (MC)30 Sep 19421530Taranto4 Oct 19420820BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi (169 tons: 168.5 tons of petrol, 0.5 ton of various stores). Uneventful.

18.Pietro Micca (MC)4 Oct 19421505Benghazi7 Oct 19421415Taranto1066Return trip from supply mission to Benghazi [mileage is for round trip].
  7 Oct 1942051339° 42'N, 18° 19'E
(0) 180° - Santa Maria di Leuca - 5 miles.
At 0513 hours, an enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 700 metres, A stern torpedo misfired and the attack was finally aborted as Micca could not get into a favourable position and the second stern tube was not ready for firing.

No Allied submarine operated in the area. The sighting must have been bogus.

19.Pietro Micca (MC)15 Oct 19421100Taranto17 Oct 19421220Taranto430Supply mission to Benghazi carrying 176 tons of stores (172 tons petrol and 4 of foodstuff), aborted when damaged by storm, lost one rating overboard.
  16 Oct 1942055037° 40'N, 17° 30'EAt 0550 hours, extremely heavy weather was encountered. Two giant waves engulfed the submarine and 20 tons of water entered through the hatch. The rating Giuseppe Canta, was thrown overboard and drowned. Micca had to abort her mission due to weather damage.

Pietro Micca (MC)7 Nov 19420800Taranto7 Nov 19421424Taranto35Exercises.

20.Pietro Micca (MC)14 Nov 19421120Taranto17 Nov 19421239TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (173 tons of petrol) [15th November: ULTRA reported her as due in Tripoli on 17th November].
  17 Nov 19420600
0555-0623 (e)
32° 55'N, 14° 08'EAt 0600 hours, an enemy submarine proceeding on the surface, was sighted at a distance of 3,000 metres. Micca turned away.

This was HMS Porpoise (Lieutenant L.A.W. Bennington, DSC, RN). She had sighted the Italian submarine at a distance of 5-6 miles and dived. At 0612 hours, Micca was observed through the periscope at a distance 3 miles, zigzagging between 250 and 300°. At 0623 hours, contact was lost. An ULTRA signal had revealed the expected arrival of the Italian submarine at Tripoli on this day.

21.Pietro Micca (MC)18 Nov 19421500Taranto22 Nov 19421930Tripoli1158Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli [mileage is for round trip].
  22 Nov 19421050
(0) 082° - Cape Trionto - 2 miles and 070° - Cape Trionto - 4 miles.
At 1050 hours, two derelict mines were sighted.

Pietro Micca (MC)10 Dec 19420940Taranto10 Dec 19421540Taranto39,5Trials.

Pietro Micca (MC)19 Dec 19420845Taranto19 Dec 19421033Taranto9Trials.

22.Pietro Micca (MC)21 Dec 19422330Taranto24 Dec 19420512MessinaSupply mission to Tripoli, but diverted to Messina because of a defective water pump.

23.Pietro Micca (MC)25 Dec 19420855Messina27 Dec 19421622TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli [175.4 tons: 174.5 tons of petrol and 0.9 of various stores] , via 37°20'N, 16°40'E and 35°22'N, 16°44'E (instead of 34°00'N, 16°50'E as ordered, because the submarine was late on her schedule) and Point B of Tripoli. The importance of the mission was emphasized by a personal message from Admiral Riccardi.
  26 Dec 19420745
(0) 120 miles SE of Malta.
At 0745 hours, an aircraft was seen at a distance of 5,000 metres. The submarine dived and four explosions were heard.
  26 Dec 19421245At 1245 hours, two Italian aircraft were seen and exchanged recognition signals.

24.Pietro Micca (MC)28 Dec 19420020Tripoli31 Dec 19421230Taranto1461Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli [mileage is for round trip].
  28 Dec 19420720
(0) 55 miles NE of Tripoli.
At 0720 hours, a Sunderland was seen at a distance of 4,000 metres and the submarine dived.

Otaria (OA, I.25)26 Feb 19430845Fiume26 Feb 19432235Fiume43,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)27 Feb 19431252Fiume27 Feb 19432203Fiume37,2Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)2 Mar 19430928Fiume2 Mar 19432224Fiume50Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)4 Mar 19431013Fiume4 Mar 19432155Fiume48,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)6 Mar 19431020Fiume6 Mar 19432230Fiume57,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)9 Mar 19430947Fiume9 Mar 19432320Fiume65,6Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)11 Mar 19430958Fiume11 Mar 19432140Fiume57,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)13 Mar 19430910Fiume13 Mar 19432130Fiume60Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)15 Mar 19430759Fiume15 Mar 19431316Fiume27,6Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)16 Mar 19431035Fiume16 Mar 19432255Fiume56,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)18 Mar 19431055Fiume18 Mar 19432240Fiume54Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)20 Mar 19431120Fiume20 Mar 19432140Fiume51Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)23 Mar 19431310Fiume23 Mar 19432225Fiume32,5Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Mar 19431018Fiume30 Mar 19431220Fiume15,3Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)30 Mar 19431627Fiume30 Mar 19432315Fiume47Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)1 Apr 19431245Fiume1 Apr 19432312Fiume55Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)3 Apr 19431015Fiume3 Apr 19432250Fiume57,8Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)6 Apr 19431135Fiume7 Apr 19432355Fiume67Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)8 Apr 19431243Fiume8 Apr 19432255Fiume58Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)10 Apr 19431002Fiume10 Apr 19431340Fiume19Exercises.

Otaria (OA, I.25)10 Apr 19431502Fiume10 Apr 19432325Fiume55,5Exercises.

77 entries. 73 total patrol entries (24 marked as war patrols) and 17 events.

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