U-boats westward in 1999

After the first trans ocean patrol in 1997, two Bundesmarine U-boats started once more last week this adventure.

See 5 excellent photographs taken on March 26 in Puerto Rico.

U 15 and U 25 left their base Eckernförde accompanied by the support ship Meersburg

The boats take part on the NATO exercise "El Morro Castle" near Puerto Rico together with USN and Royal Navy nuclear subs. Visits are planned in Norfolk, Annapolis, Groton; and for the first time on friendly way in Canadian waters in Halifax.

A visit to the birth place of our U-boat.net in Reykjavik in also planned!

The boats stand under the command of Korvettenkapitän Udo Pache from the 1st U-Boot-Geschwader

The following harbour stops are planned:

MarchPta. Delgada (Azores)
March Roosevelt Roads (Puerto Rico)
Groton, CT.

(If we got more details for the schedule, we'll publish it immediately)

The return is expected after more than 4 months on 15th July 1999, in Eckernförde.