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October 1915

The French Passenger steamer Yunnan. She was hit by U 33 on 4 Oct 1915.

This is the full listing of all ships hit during October 1915. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Ships hit by U-boats during October 1915

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Oct 1915 U 16Leo Hillebrand  Pallas (p.)Steamer838sw
1 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser ProvinciaPassenger steamer3,523fr
2 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser ArabianSteamer2,744br
2 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser Sainte MargueriteSteamer3,908fr
2 Oct 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann  Sailor PrinceSteamer3,144br
3 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser AntonieSteamer2,698fr
4 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser CraigstonSteamer2,617br
4 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser  Yunnan (d.)Passenger steamer6,474fr
4 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Enfield (d.)Steamer2,124br
5 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser BurrsfieldSteamer4,037br
5 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser X130Barge160br
5 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow AloseNavy Trawler214fr
5 Oct 1915 UC 7Franz Wäger NovocastrianSteamer1,151br
6 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser DimitriosSteamer2,508gr
6 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser ScawbySteamer3,658br
6 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser SilverashSteamer3,753br
6 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen  Brighton QueenAuxiliary minesweeper553br
6 Oct 1915 UC 7Franz Wäger  TexelstroomSteamer1,601nl
7 Oct 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser Amiral HamelinSteamer5,051fr
7 Oct 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann  HalizonesSteamer5,093br
7 Oct 1915 UB 14Heino von Heimburg KatjaSteamer474ru
8 Oct 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann ThorpwoodSteamer3,184br
8 Oct 1915 UB 14Heino von Heimburg ApscheronSteamer1,864ru
9 Oct 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann ApolloSteamer3,774br
10 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen NewcastleSteamer3,403br
12 Oct 1915 U 39Walter Forstmann RestoreNavy Drifter93br
12 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Frons OlivaeNavy Drifter98br
14 Oct 1915 UC 3Erwin Waßner  SalernoSteamer2,071br
16 Oct 1915 UC 3Erwin Waßner Volscian (d.)Steamer570br
17 Oct 1915 UC 3Erwin Waßner JavelinNavy Trawler205br
18 Oct 1915 U 35Waldemar Kophamel ScillaSteamer1,220it
18 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow Aleppo (d.)Steamer3,870br
18 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow  SalernoSteamer2,431nw
19 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Erin IiNavy Trawler181br
20 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Star Of BuchanNavy Drifter81br
21 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow MonitoriaSteamer1,904br
22 Oct 1915 UC 1Egon von Werner ScottNavy Trawler288br
22 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen Grappler (d.)Tug690br
23 Oct 1915 U 35Waldemar Kophamel MarquetteTroopship7,057br
23 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen IlaroSteamer2,799br
24 Oct 1915 U 17Hans Walther  Rumina (p.)Steamer1,418sw
25 Oct 1915 UC 3Erwin Waßner SelmaSteamer1,654nw
25 Oct 1915 UC 5Herbert Pustkuchen  VeloxDestroyer380br
31 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow AriesNavy Yacht268br
31 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow EidsivaSteamer1,092nw
31 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow Othello IiNavy Trawler206br
31 Oct 1915 UC 6Matthias Graf von Schmettow TowardSteamer1,218br
42 ships sunk (84,614 tons) and 5 ships damaged (13,728 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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