uboat.net in 2000

1999 was colorful but our efforts on this site have never been higher than in the year 2000 (although 2001 is already surpassing that benchmark).

Enough said, onto the listing.

The database work

Most of the year was spent on the database projects and massive amounts of time were spent on data entry (which I hate with a passion, but was necessary).

Some highlights from the database work during 2000:

  • The Books
    Added some 322 books to our databases in the year 2000. Also added lots of book covers, probably close to 200 of them.

    We also added 58 book reviews to the site.

    Members Area (The Conning Tower)

    Heavy development was spent on this upcoming section in 2000 but the section was not opened until Feb 18, 2001.


    In March the site was moved to a new server at Rackspace where is stayed until Oct 2, 2001. This was a vast improvement in speed an reliability.
    • The site grew by over 3000 pages to 5550 pages. We also added some 150 photographs.
  • We read about 52 new Commanders of the Week and 52 Emblems of the week.

    On Sept 15 there was a very nice article (2 pages) on Guğmundur Helgason and uboat.net itself in the largest newspaper in Iceland.

    On Sept 9 I met Tonya Allen here in Iceland after working with her on this site for a long time. My attempts to get her and her husband Ray to eat strange Icelandic foods were not quite successful :)