Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Service: French Navy.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
Alexandre, Léon Alfred, French Navy1902-1940 Quiberon +
André, Joseph, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Asnar, Raymond Henri, French Navy1913-1940 Brazza +
Aubard, Eugène, French Navy Brazza
Azémar, Guy Antoine, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Baron, Ernest Jules, French Navy1910-1939 Loire +
Barvec, François Louis, French Navy1904-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Begue, Marcellin Auguste, French Navy1909-1940 Brazza +
Bétaille, Marcel, French Navy1917-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Billien, Joseph Marie, French Navy1907-1939 Loire +
Bordet, Jean Louis Henri, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Bovery, Georges Joseph, French Navy1921-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Brès, Louis Elie Emile, French Navy1915-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Bressot, Jean Marie, French Navy1913-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Bruneau, Maurice Sylvain, French Navy1905-1940 Quiberon +
Buannec, François Marie, French Navy1908-1940 Brazza +
Burr, Joseph, French Navy1922-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Cabon, Michel Joseph Marie, French Navy1914-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Calmejeane, Claude Louis, French Navy1913-1940 Brazza +
Cariou, Pierre Louis Marie, French Navy1911-1940 Brazza +
Chabaud, Georges Adolphe, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Chevalier, Edmond Bernard Raymond, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Cicchi, René Henri, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Cloâtre, Claude Louis Marie, French Navy1913-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Cornec, Jean, French Navy1908-1940 Brazza +
Coupaye, Clovis, French Navy1912-1940 P.L.M. 15 +
Couradjut, Joseph, French Navy1921-1940 Tourny +
Coville, René Jules Jérôme, French Navy1908-1940 Brazza +

Dapzol, André, French Navy1908-1940 Brazza +
Dartus, Turenne Raphaël, French Navy1902-1940 Quiberon +
Dauby, Louis Henri, French Navy1906-1940 Marie José +
De Dieuleveult, Jacques Arthur Marie Émile, French Navy1909-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Dohal, Julien Pascal Germain, French Navy1919-1940 Brazza +
Dubois, André Felix Marcellin, French Navy-1940 Monique +
Ducrocq, Edouard Jean, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Favreul, Jean Ernest Marie, French Navy1898-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Fitamant, Jean Marie, French Navy1912-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Gallet, Marcel Joseph Alexis, French Navy1909-1940 Brazza +
Gallineau, Joseph, French Navy1916-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Gaudu, Emile, French Navy1907-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Gauthier, Louis Honoré, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Georget, Jacques Jean Marc, French Navy1912-1940 Thurston +
Giraud, Philippe, French Navy1921-1940 Brazza +
Gobaud, Lucien, French Navy1909-1940 Brazza +
Gourtay, Jean Guillaume, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Hisler, René Henri, French Navy1906-1940 Marie José +
Hugot, Jean Victor, French Navy1915-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Jullien, Roger Henri, French Navy1908-1940 Brazza +

Kauffmann, René Laurent, French Navy1912-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Kerdavid, Yves Joseph Marie, French Navy1906-1940 Brazza +
Kerveillant, Jean Guillaume Marie, French Navy1899-1940 Brazza +
Kraemer, Helmut, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Lachuer, Henri Lucien, French Navy1921-1940 P.L.M. 15 +
Ladonne, Maxime Erasme Pierre, French Navy1910-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Laforgue, Marcel Antoine Marie Ange, French Navy1918-1940 P.L.M. 15 +
Lauras, Marcel Gustave Maurice, French Navy1905-1939 Arijon +
Le Batteux, Constant Henri Auguste, French Navy1914-1939 Loire +
Le Blanc, Francis Jean Marie, French Navy1905-1940 Thurston +
Le Cann, Joseph Marie, French Navy1905-1940 Brazza +
Le Guyader, Armand Jean, French Navy1908-1940 Thurston +
Le Parc, Emile, French Navy1912-1940 Brazza +
Le Philippe, Emile Marie, French Navy1905-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Le Renard, Louis Jean, French Navy1908-1940 Quiberon +
Le Sceller, Maurice Joseph, French Navy1904-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Le Tellier, Lucien, French Navy1908-1939 Arijon +
Lucas, Charles Auguste, French Navy1911-1940 Brazza +
Lustig, Marcel, French Navy1921-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Madec Cousin, Jean Yves, French Navy1910-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Maissa, Jean, French Navy1918-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Maitrugue, Gabriel Gaston, French Navy1922-1940 Tourny +
Mandra, André Charles Jean Baptiste, French Navy1915-1940 P.L.M. 15 +
Manguin, Bernard André Maurice, French Navy1915-1939 Loire +
Marchois, Paul Ernest, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Mathiot, Jacques René Edouard, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Mene, Auguste, French Navy-1940 Monique +
Menguy, Marcel Théodore, French Navy1915-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Meudal, Samson, French Navy1917-1940 Brazza +
Michel, Pierre, French Navy1909-1940 Thurston +
Moallic, Marcel Aimé, French Navy1914-1940 Brazza +
Muracciole, Pierre François, French Navy1919-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Paris, Jules René, French Navy1899-1939 Loire +
Pérachon, Marcel Joannès, French Navy1899-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Poiraud, Raymond Jean, French Navy1910-1940 Brazza +
Potard, Jean Marie, French Navy1910-1940 Doris (Q 135) +

Queff, Jean Marie, French Navy1915-1940 Brazza +
Quere, Yves Olivier, French Navy1914-1940 Thurston +

Real, Georges Robert, French Navy1908-1940 Quiberon +
Reboute, Georges Raymond, French Navy1911-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Recune, Marc Louis Marie, French Navy1911-1940 Brazza +
Regnier, Charles Abel, French Navy1917-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Reverso, Marcel Joseph, French Navy1916-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Roche, Lucien Casimir Eugène, French Navy1912-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Roche, Lucien Pierre, French Navy1908-1940 Thurston +

Senechal, Jean Auguste, French Navy1918-1940 Brazza +
Sourdin, Albert Joseph Victor Jean, French Navy-1940 Monique +

Tarabon, André, French Navy1910-1940 Thurston +
Toumelin, Armand Jean, French Navy1921-1940 Brazza +

Valette, Robert Alban Henri, French Navy1920-1940 Doris (Q 135) +
Vallee, Roland Julien Louis, French Navy1909-1940 Brazza +
Verheyden, Eugène Désiré, French Navy1907-1940 P.L.M. 15 +

100 French Navy people located. 99 of them died in the war.

A (4036), B (7603), C (6141), D (4219), E (1881), F (2963), G (3985), H (6576), I (571), J (2980), K (3260), L (4260), M (8566), N (2028), O (1575), P (4385), Q (171), R (4139), S (8103), T (3303), U (276), V (1233), W (4878), X (11), Y (462), Z (300), Å (34), Ä (1), Ö (5), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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