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City of New York

American motor passenger ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American motor passenger ship City of New York.

Aboard City of New York when hit on 29 Mar 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aljian, Khosrof, Civilian28PassengerCity of New York
Blondin, Frank Delker, Merchant Marine33MessmanCity of New York +
Carlson, William Arthur, USNR19Fireman Second ClassCity of New York
Clark, Rosabelle Blythe, Civilian40PassengerCity of New York
Clobridge, Clarence Allen, Merchant Marine50Glory Hole StewardCity of New York +
Comone, Arthur Christopher, Merchant Marine31StewardCity of New York +
Conly, Leonard Hudson, Merchant Marine41SurgeonCity of New York
Dahlberg, Dora, Civilian47PassengerCity of New York
Dahlberg, Ludwig, Civilian52PassengerCity of New York
Dahlgren, Wallace Lonny, USNR19Fireman Third ClassCity of New York
Davila, Miguel Patino, Merchant Marine37OilerCity of New York
De Rosas, Richard James, Merchant Marine39MessmanCity of New York +
Devaney, Edward Michael, Merchant Marine57StewardCity of New York +
Diamond, Ivan Jack Annerly, Civilian43PassengerCity of New York
D’Addio, Peter, Merchant Marine55BarberCity of New York +
Eingrieber, Berthold Paul, Merchant Marine23MessmanCity of New York +
Etter, Miriam J., Civilian3PassengerCity of New York
Etter, Sarah L., Civilian26PassengerCity of New York +
Ferreira, Armando Augusto, Merchant Marine39QuartermasterCity of New York +
Gavrilovic, Ivan, Civilian12PassengerCity of New York
Gavrilovic, Vera, Civilian37PassengerCity of New York
Hannegan, William Edward, Merchant Marine40ElectricianCity of New York +
Harvey, Kathleen L., Civilian34PassengerCity of New York
Harvey, William M., Civilian39PassengerCity of New York
Hobirk, Arthur Chris, Merchant Marine26UtilityCity of New York +
Hoover, Malvern Edward, Civilian39PassengerCity of New York
Langhout, Johanna Deodata, Civilian25PassengerCity of New York
Lee, Norman W., Merchant Marine26Chief EngineerCity of New York
Lenhardt, Rudolph, Merchant Marine25Second Radio OperatorCity of New York +
Lewis, Viggo Leslie, Civilian11PassengerCity of New York
MacNicol, Duncan C., Merchant Marine45Chief MateCity of New York +
Magulin, Diego, Merchant Marine43MessmanCity of New York +
McInnis, John Adam, USNR21Seaman First ClassCity of New York +
Mohorovicic, Desanka Petrovic, Civilian28PassengerCity of New York
Mohorovicic, Vesna, Civilian3PassengerCity of New York
Moreno, Adolpho, Merchant Marine47StewardCity of New York +
Parker, James Morton, Merchant Marine24UtilityCity of New York +
Rhodes, Cecil Aliston, Merchant Marine34UtilityCity of New York +
Rodriguez, Americo F., Merchant Marine30QuartermasterCity of New York
Rodriguez, Joaquin, Merchant Marine29BellboyCity of New York +
Santiago, Elviro, Merchant Marine26BellboyCity of New York
Siedle, Geoffrey Ernest, Civilian43PassengerCity of New York
Sullivan, George Thomas, Merchant Marine49MasterCity of New York, Daniel Morgan
Van Gorden, Charles Oscar, Merchant Marine48Second MateCity of New York
Vida, Albert M., Merchant Marine25First Radio OperatorCity of New York
Wrigley, Althea Olive Viola, Civilian35PassengerCity of New York +
Wrigley, June Tornstern, Civilian8PassengerCity of New York
Wrigley, Richard Dean, Civilian36PassengerCity of New York
Zürcher, Anna, Civilian26PassengerCity of New York

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