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The Jan van Amstel class minesweeper HNMS Willem van Ewijck (i) of the Royal Dutch Navy. She was lost on 8 Sep 1939.

All Minesweeper classes (in service with the Royal Dutch Navy).

 M (4)1918 - 1918
 A (4)1930 - 1930
 Jan van Amstel (10)1937 - 1943

3 ship classes.

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: Minesweepers



Royal Dutch Navy8 Sep 1939HNMS Willem van Ewijck (i)Jan van Amstel 
Polish Navy14 Sep 1939ORP Czapla (CP)Jaskolka 
Polish Navy14 Sep 1939ORP Jaskolka (J)Jaskolka 


Royal Navy3 Feb 1940HMS Sphinx (J 69)Halcyon 
Royal Navy30 Apr 1940HMS Dunoon (J 52)Hunt 
Royal Dutch Navy13 May 1940HNMS M 2M 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS Abraham van der HulstJan van Amstel 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS M 1M 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS M 3M 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS M 4M 
Royal Dutch Navy14 May 1940HNMS Pieter FloriszJan van Amstel 
Royal Navy1 Jun 1940HMS Skipjack (J 38)Halcyon 
Royal Navy17 Oct 1940HMS Dundalk (J 60)Hunt 
Royal Canadian Navy19 Oct 1940HMCS Bras d'Or 


Royal Navy31 Jan 1941HMS Huntley (J 56)Hunt 
Royal Navy4 May 1941HMS Fermoy (J 40)Hunt 
Royal Navy7 May 1941HMS Stoke (J 33)Hunt 
Royal Navy20 May 1941HMS Widnes (J 55)Hunt 
Royal Navy7 Aug 1941HMS MMS 39 (J 539)MMS I 
US Navy8 Dec 1941USS Penguin (AM 33)Lapwing 
US Navy10 Dec 1941USS Bittern (AM 36)Lapwing 


Royal Navy13 Feb 1942HMS MMS 180 (J 680)MMS I 
Royal Dutch Navy1 Mar 1942HNMS AA 
Royal Dutch Navy2 Mar 1942HNMS BA 
Royal Dutch Navy2 Mar 1942HNMS DA 
Royal Navy4 Mar 1942HMS MMS 51 (J 551)MMS I 
Royal Dutch Navy6 Mar 1942HNMS CA 
Royal Dutch Navy6 Mar 1942HNMS Pieter de BitterJan van Amstel 
Royal Dutch Navy8 Mar 1942HNMS Eland DuboisJan van Amstel 
Royal Dutch Navy8 Mar 1942HNMS Jan van AmstelJan van Amstel 
Royal Navy5 Apr 1942HMS Abingdon (J 23)Hunt 
US Navy10 Apr 1942USS Finch (AM 9)Lapwing 
US Navy4 May 1942USS Pigeon (ASR 6)Lapwing 
US Navy4 May 1942USS Tanager (AM 5)Lapwing 
US Navy5 May 1942USS Quail (i) (AM 15)Lapwing 
Royal Navy27 May 1942HMS Fitzroy (i) (J 03)Hunt 
US Navy7 Jun 1942USS Gannet (AVP 8)Lapwing 
Royal Navy24 Jun 1942HMS Gossamer (J 63)Halcyon 
Royal Navy5 Jul 1942HMS Niger (i) (J 73)Halcyon 
Royal Dutch Navy12 Jul 1942HNMS Terschelling (i) (FY 174)MMS I 
Royal Navy20 Sep 1942HMS Leda (J 93)Halcyon 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR La SurpriseChamois 
Royal Navy9 Nov 1942HMS Cromer (J 128)Bangor 
Royal Navy15 Nov 1942HMS Algerine (J 213)Algerine 
Royal Australian Navy1 Dec 1942HMAS Armidale (J 240)Bathurst 
Royal Navy31 Dec 1942HMS Bramble (i) (J 11)Halcyon 


Royal Navy2 Jan 1943HMS Alarm (J 140)Algerine 
US Navy2 Jan 1943USS Grebe (AM 43)Lapwing 
US Navy20 Feb 1943USS YMS-133 (YMS-133)YMS 
Royal Navy12 May 1943HMS MMS 89 (J 589)MMS I 
Royal Australian Navy11 Jun 1943HMAS Wallaroo (J 222)Bathurst 
US Navy29 Jun 1943USS Redwing (ARS 4)Lapwing 
US Navy12 Jul 1943USS Sentinel (AM 113)Auk 
Royal Navy19 Sep 1943HMS BYMS 2019 (J 819)YMS 
Royal Navy24 Sep 1943HMS MMS 70 (J 570)MMS I 
US Navy25 Sep 1943USS Skill (AM 115)Auk 
Royal Navy11 Oct 1943HMS Hythe (J 194)Bangor 
Royal Navy23 Oct 1943HMS Cromarty (J 09)Bangor 
Royal Canadian Navy31 Oct 1943HMCS Chedabucto (J 168)Bangor 
Royal Navy22 Nov 1943HMS Hebe (J 24)Halcyon 
Royal Navy18 Dec 1943HMS Felixstowe (J 126)Bangor 
Royal Navy31 Dec 1943HMS Clacton (J 151)Bangor 


US Navy22 Jan 1944USS Portent (AM 106)Auk 
US Navy25 Jan 1944USS YMS-30 (YMS-30)YMS 
Royal Dutch Navy20 May 1944HNMS Marken (i) (FY 227)MMS I 
US Navy5 Jun 1944USS Osprey (AM 56)Raven 
US Navy7 Jun 1944USS Tide (AM 125)Auk 
US Navy11 Jun 1944USS Partridge (AM 16)Lapwing 
Royal Navy13 Jun 1944HMS MMS 229 (J 729)MMS I 
Royal Navy24 Jun 1944HMS MMS 8 (J 508)MMS I 
US Navy29 Jun 1944USS Valor (AMc-108)Accentor 
Royal Navy2 Jul 1944HMS MMS 1019 (FY 1019)MMS II 
US Navy2 Jul 1944USS YMS-350 (YMS-350)YMS 
Royal Navy6 Jul 1944HMS Cato (J 16)Auk 
Royal Navy6 Jul 1944HMS Magic (J 400)Auk 
Royal Navy8 Jul 1944HMS Pylades (J 401)Auk 
US Navy9 Jul 1944USS Swerve (AM 121)Auk 
Royal Navy10 Jul 1944HMS MMS 55 (J 555)MMS I 
US Navy30 Jul 1944USS YMS-304 (YMS-304)YMS 
US Navy30 Jul 1944USS YMS-378 (YMS-378)YMS 
Royal Navy16 Aug 1944HMS BYMS 2022 (J 822)YMS 
US Navy16 Aug 1944USS YMS-24 (YMS-24)YMS 
Royal Navy22 Aug 1944HMS Rattler (J 217)Algerine 
Royal Navy27 Aug 1944HMS Britomart (J 22)Halcyon 
Royal Navy27 Aug 1944HMS Hussar (J 82)Halcyon 
Royal Navy1 Sep 1944HMS MMS 117 (J 617)MMS I 
US Navy1 Sep 1944USS YMS-21 (YMS-21)YMS 
US Navy12 Sep 1944USS YMS-409 (YMS-409)YMS 
Royal Navy14 Sep 1944HMS MMS 278 (J 778)MMS I 
US Navy24 Sep 1944USS YMS-19 (YMS-19)YMS 
US Navy1 Oct 1944USS YMS-385 (YMS-385)YMS 
Royal Navy5 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2255 (J 1055)YMS 
Royal Navy8 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2030 (J 830)YMS 
Royal Navy12 Oct 1944HMS MMS 170 (J 670)MMS I 
Royal Hellenic Navy15 Oct 1944RHS KassosYMS 
Royal Hellenic Navy15 Oct 1944RHS KosYMS 
US Navy17 Oct 1944USS YMS-70 (YMS-70)YMS 
Royal Australian Navy18 Oct 1944HMAS Geelong (J 201)Bathurst 
Royal Navy25 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2077 (J 877)YMS 
Royal Navy29 Nov 1944HMS MMS 101 (J 601)MMS I 
Royal Navy11 Dec 1944HMS MMS 257 (J 757)MMS I 
Royal Canadian Navy24 Dec 1944HMCS Clayoquot (J 174)Bangor 


Royal Navy 1945HMS MMS 77 (J 577)MMS I 
US Navy11 Jan 1945USS YMS-14 (YMS-14)YMS 
Royal Navy12 Jan 1945HMS Regulus (ii) (J 327)Algerine 
Royal Navy30 Jan 1945HMS MMS 248 (J 748)MMS I 
Royal Navy4 Feb 1945HMS MMS 68 (J 568)MMS I 
US Navy14 Feb 1945USS YMS-48 (YMS-48)YMS 
Royal Canadian Navy17 Mar 1945HMCS Guysborough (J 52)Bangor 
US Navy28 Mar 1945USS Skylark (AM 63)Auk 
US Navy3 Apr 1945USS YMS-71 (YMS-71)YMS 
US Navy8 Apr 1945USS YMS-103 (YMS-103)YMS 
Royal Canadian Navy16 Apr 1945HMCS Esquimalt (J 272)Bangor 
US Navy22 Apr 1945USS Swallow (AM 65)Auk 
Royal Navy28 Apr 1945HMS BYMS 2053 (J 853)YMS 
US Navy2 May 1945USS YMS-481 (YMS-481)YMS 
US Navy8 Jun 1945USS Salute (AM 294)Admirable 
US Navy18 Jun 1945USS YMS-50 (YMS-50)YMS 
Royal Navy25 Jun 1945HMS MMS 168 (J 668)MMS I 
US Navy26 Jun 1945USS YMS-365 (YMS-365)YMS 
US Navy26 Jun 1945USS YMS-39 (YMS-39)YMS 
US Navy9 Jul 1945USS YMS-84 (YMS-84)YMS 
Royal Navy24 Jul 1945HMS Squirrel (J 301)Algerine 
Royal Navy26 Jul 1945HMS Vestal (J 215)Algerine 

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