Allied Warships

Updates and improvements

Please note that this page only lists the manually added updates, not the hundreds of database changes we often do and each one does not warrant a special note.

Brian has been busy on the Wartime histories for allies warships, which now has 350 entries of warships with full wartime service histories. HMS Barham is the latest addition.

Brian has been busy adding Wartime histories on the Allied Warship section. Now 250 warships have such histories, the last one added was the US Battleship USS Iowa, also the first not for a submarine. 249 of these wartime histories are submarines of the Royal Navy (165), United States Navy (50), Dutch Navy (32) and Norwegian Navy (2). The warship section also includes over 40,000 notes displayed on relevant warships.

Added the capability to choose any day of the year to the Allied Events on this day. This makes the pages much more useful. Futher improvements on this are planned.

Starting today we're showing our sources for certain aspects Allied Commanders (ranks, decorations and commands of warships). This will readily show where our source for those details is. Examples include USS Monterey (CVL 26) and Capt. Lester Thomas Hundt, USN. We have always recorded our sources but much of it is primary material and/or personal correspondence not suited to publish. But now we'll publish most of what we can and steadily improve this section. Since both Allied Commanders and Allied Warships were largely created via mass data imports lots of details don't have specific source listed but newer information tends to include it.

Just added a new page showing all our Allied Warships with full wartime histories. This is a easier way to find the warships which have been upgraded to list great info on patrols, maps and so on.

After more than four years of work all British and Dutch T-class submarines now have detailed info added for their wartime operations. Also the Dutch O12-class and O21-class have this info added to their pages. This has resulted in over 5000 events and over 780 maps being added to the database.

The administrator of the Allied warships section would especially like to thank Mr. Platon Alexiades from Canada for his help on completing this project. Due to his help a lot of details "from the enemy side" regarding Allied submarine attacks could be added.

Also thanks to Mr. Gerard Horneman from The Netherlands, the staff of the English National Archives at Kew, London and the staff of the Dutch archives at The Hague, Mr. Thomas Weis from the W├╝rttembergische Landesbibliothek at Stuttgart, Germany, the contributors of the forum at and finally everybody I forgot to mention.

Work is now underway on British S-class and U-class submarines. Work on other Dutch submarines will continue as well.

We added 8,656 new warships to our Allied Warships section. We now have 21,092 ships listed there. Most of these new warships were of various small motor boat types.

Changed the Allied Warship ship pages a bit. Now the loss position (if any) is shown on a nice map right away. Example of this is seen on the British battleship HMS Royal Oak which was sunk on 14 Oct 1939 by U-47 at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys. Also improved the title of the page.

5 September
Been working on the Allied Warships code a bit and improved the Warship Types pages. Added war losses to each type, see Heavy cruisers for example. Also added description texts for some types like Battleships and Aircraft carriers. Also did some visual tweaks here and there.

3 May
We're working on a new database and pages for Allied Warship Commanders during WWII. The work is already well under way with the Commonwealth navies (over 3000 officers listed right now and their roughly 5100 commands). We hope to open this soon and expand this into US navy and Russian navy as well. This data is, right now, harvested from the Allied Warships section.

10 January
Added two new pages to the Allies section of the site; 50 latest Allied merchant ships updated and 100 latest Allied warships updated. These pages help track our work on these two large sections. Improved the Allied warships sidebar/menu as well.

8 January
Brian just added entry nr. 10.000 to our ever-expanding Allied Warships database. I suspect more is to come :)

18 November
Revised fate for an US submarine
We've revised the fate of US submarine Gudgeon. Check it out.

12 February
Removed the FR prefix from all French Navy warships in our Allied Warships section. This never should have been there.

10 June
Allied Warships - Improved the automatic lookup for U-boats hit by Allied Warships (before there might have been odd matches, those should be a lot fewer now).

13 April
Allied Warships - Added 28 photos, 27 of them were British destroyers and 1 was US submarine (Sea Dog, SS-401).

5 April
Allied Warships - Added 44 photos, 42 of them were of US submarines (Balao class) and 2 Soviet ships.

22 March
Allied Warships - Added a new and exciting section called Events on this day. Check it out.

16 March
Allied Warships - 143 new photos added! 89 of these were Royal Navy ships (almost all destroyers) and 54 were US Submarines.

1 March
Allied Warships - Added photos of 57 warships (41 Royal Navy cruisers and 16 US submarines). Now nearly 700 ships have photos (15%).

20 February
Allied Warships - Added photos of 51 US submarines to the system, mostly Balao and Gato class boats.

16 February
Allied Warships - Added a new discussion forum for this section as well as a new update history page.

Allied Warships - Added 71 photos to this database, mostly of US and Dutch submarines. Now 573 ships have a photo.

15 February
Allied Warships - Been working on improving the dataset, esp. commission, launched and laid down dates, along with penant numbers. Still a long way to go but it's getting there.

10 February
Allied Warships - added about 67 Soviet Destroyers to the section.

4 February
Allied Warships - Added photos of 15 warships.

28 January
Allied Warships - Added 5 warship photos (all of British destroyers).

25 January
Allied Warships - added 41 photos of allied warships. Now 477 ships have their photo in here.

Allies Warships - Added 97 destroyers of the US Gearing class. Many were not in WWII but some were.

24 January
Allied Warships - Added 26 photos of warships to the database, now some 436 ships have their photos there.

22 January
Allied Warships - Added 16 photos of warships to the section. Now 412 warships have their photo in there.

21 January
Allied Warships - Added 8 photos of warships to this section, 7 of those soviet submarines.

19 January
Added photos of 7 Allied Warships to its section.

16 January
Allied Warships
Added 2 new features to this section; a) "U-boats lost to this ship" on each ship page (example) and b) "Ships from this class hit by U-boats" (example). They make this much more complete.

14 January
Allied Warships
Added 57 Captain class frigates to the site, now we should have all 78 of them.

13 January
Added photos of 44 Allied Warships to the database.

11 January
Allied Warships
Opened this massive new section today. This will be one of our cornerstones in the future and constantly updated/edited.

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