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  CREOSOL & VITOL  David H 11/06/2003 01:59PM
  Re: CREOSOL & VITOL  Michael Lowrey 11/06/2003 02:18PM
  Re: CREOSOL & VITOL  David H 11/07/2003 07:50AM
  Re: CREOSOL & VITOL  Ron 11/07/2003 09:25AM
  Re: CREOSOL & VITOL  Deryck Swetnam 11/08/2003 10:23AM
  Channel convoy, 16 July 1917  MAX 11/06/2003 05:43PM
  JAMES SECKAR  David H 11/05/2003 08:13AM
  Re: JAMES SECKAR  Yves D 11/05/2003 11:41AM
  Re: JAMES SECKAR  David H 11/05/2003 02:56PM
  U-38  JEAN-MICHEL 11/05/2003 06:21AM
  Re: U-38  JEAN-MICHEL 11/05/2003 06:23AM
  HANNA  JEAN-MICHEL 11/05/2003 06:22AM
  "Savonna"  J.M. Cast. 11/03/2003 10:49PM
  Re: "Savonna"  Michael Lowrey 11/04/2003 04:01AM
  Re: "Savonna"  J.M. Cast. 11/04/2003 08:08PM
  August 13 U-Boat sinks SS Erik. Which one?  Wallace 11/04/2003 04:47PM
  Re: August 13 U-Boat sinks SS Erik. Which one?  Michael Lowrey 11/04/2003 05:39PM
  U-37  JEAN-MICHEL 11/03/2003 06:57AM
  Re: U-37  kpp 11/03/2003 06:21PM
  Re: U-37  JEAN-MICHEL 11/04/2003 07:45AM
  U-48  Alemap 11/03/2003 08:02PM
  Q ships engagements  Jose Angel del Rio 10/30/2003 12:49PM
  Re: Q ships engagements  Dänemark 10/30/2003 08:00PM
  Victory Pennants  JH 10/30/2003 07:27PM
  Lusitania  Periscope Pete 10/26/2003 08:41PM
  Re: Lusitania  phil cullen 10/27/2003 08:21AM
  Re: Lusitania  Brian 10/28/2003 12:06AM
  Re: Lusitania  phil cullen 10/28/2003 07:36AM
  Re: Lusitania  Ron 10/29/2003 04:09PM
  Re: Lusitania  john 10/30/2003 06:41PM
  dates of sinking!  Peter Lindberg 10/30/2003 12:01PM
  Re: dates of sinking!  Yves D 10/30/2003 04:05PM
  U-36  JEAN-MICHEL 10/27/2003 07:20AM
  "Aster"  J.M. Cast. 10/25/2003 06:04PM
  Re: "Aster"  kpp 10/25/2003 08:00PM
  Re: "Aster"  J.M. Cast. 10/26/2003 06:40AM
  Re: "Aster"  Yves D 10/26/2003 04:53PM
  U35  J.M. Cast. 10/24/2003 06:23PM
  Re: U35  Dänemark 10/24/2003 07:37PM
  Re: U35  J.M. Cast. 10/25/2003 05:37PM
  U35  J.M. Cast. 10/23/2003 08:24PM
  Re: U35  Dänemark 10/24/2003 07:10AM
  Re: U35  Josep Guarro 10/24/2003 01:21PM
  Henry R James  MAX 10/22/2003 12:11PM
  Flanders Flotilla  Deryck Swetnam 10/19/2003 08:20AM
  Re: Flanders Flotilla  Michael Lowrey 10/21/2003 10:13PM
  U-35  JEAN-MICHEL 10/20/2003 05:55AM
  Re: U-35  Micheal 10/20/2003 10:52PM
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