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U-156 Movie
Posted by: Hubertus ()
Date: November 21, 2005 11:52AM

This is from the Forum.

Getting a feature length motion picture off the ground is difficult. A few of you may be kind enough to remember that our small, independent, film company, was exploring the possibility of making a film about Hartenstein, the U156, and the Laconia Incident.

The project is off the back burner and we are again researching the facts.

Realism and accuracy is key to our project and we do not want to make some phony-baloney film nor sugarcoat what happened on that fateful night. It is a story about people, not politics.

I am an historian, researcher, and business person and it will fall upon me to cut the first draft of the screenplay. This site has been invaluable in the early search on the film. We have complete crew lists and data on the men on U156 as well as some sketchy information of the ships she sank both before and after Laconia.

If wishes were horses, I would love to have Gary Oldman play Hartenstein and Rutger Hauer play Doenitz. There is a picture of Doenitz in WW1 and Hauer is ringer for "Unka Karl." The reason we are thinking English language is that is where our funding seems to be coming from.

There is heated debate if the film should be all black and white, color, or a mix. Few films drill in on aircraft vs. U boat, except in passing. Ours will emphasize the air attack - which turned out to be Doenitz defense at Nuremberg - we've reviewed the transcripts and his defense is compelling.

It was the testimony of American Admiral Chester Nimitz that save Doenitz on the count at Nuremberg, and that save him from the noose.

We don't have a "slug line," yet, but here's where we are,

The Following Events Are Historically Accurate

World War Two. The South Atlantic. Off the African coast. A British liner races home - women and children aboard. Suddenly, two torpedoes strike. The liner takes water and heads down. There aren't enough lifeboats. Thousands thrash in the shark infested waters - many die horribly.

Commander of U-156, Hartenstein, surfaces. Now begins the largest wartime rescue in maritime history. German Naval Command reluctantly agrees to send warships to assist.

Four days later, vessels flying red cross flags are bombed by an American "Liberator." Lifeboats go down. Innocent lives are lost. Incensed, Germany issues the "Laconia Order." There will be no more rescues.

For issuing the order, German Navy chief, Karl Doenitz, is put trial for his life before the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. Only the testimony of Admiral, Chester Nimitz, saves Doenitz from the noose.

Hartenstein and U-156 are lost on the very next patrol, with all hands.

We welcome any comments or corrections or observations.

Again, as I said about a year ago, our yardstick is "Das Boot."

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