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April 1915

The French Armored cruiser Leon Gambetta. She was hit by k.u.k. U5 on 27 Apr 1915.

This is the full listing of all ships hit during April 1915. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Ships hit by U-boats during April 1915

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr GloxiniaFishing vessel145br
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr JasonTrawler176br
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr NellieTrawler109br
1 Apr 1915 U 37Erich Wilcke Seven SeasSteamer1,194br
2 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider LochwoodSteamer2,042br
2 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser PaqueretteSailing vessel399fr
3 Apr 1915  DouroSailing vessel248pt
4 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider City Of BremenSteamer1,258br
4 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser HermesSailing vessel1,019ru
4 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser  OlivineSteamer634br
5 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr AcanthaTrawler322br
5 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser NorthlandsSteamer2,776br
8 Apr 1915 U 32Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim  ChateaubriandSailing vessel2,247fr
10 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider The PresidentSteamer647br
10 Apr 1915 UB 4Karl Groß  HarpalyceSteamer5,940br
11 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider Frederic Franck (d.)Steamer973fr
11 Apr 1915 U 32Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim Wayfarer (d.)Steamer9,599br
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius  FolkeSteamer1,352sw
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius Glencarse (p.)Fishing vessel188br
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius VestlandSteamer3,392da
14 Apr 1915 UB 10Otto Steinbrinck  KatwijkSteamer2,040nl
15 Apr 1915 UB 5Wilhelm Smiths PtarmiganSteamer784br
17 Apr 1915 UB 4Karl Groß EllispontosSteamer2,989gr
18 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner Brilliant (p.)Steamer1,441nw
21 Apr 1915 U 22Bruno Hoppe RuthSteamer867sw
22 Apr 1915 U 22Bruno Hoppe St. LawrenceTrawler196br
22 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner EvaSailing vessel312nw
22 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner OscarSailing vessel766nw
23 Apr 1915 U 26Egewolf Freiherr von Berckheim FråckSteamer849ru
24 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner  Nidaros (p.)Steamer1,024da
27 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner Torwald (p.)Steamer1,085sw
27 Apr 1915 k.u.k. U5Georg Ritter von Trapp  Leon GambettaArmored cruiser12,416fr
28 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr LilydaleTrawler129br
28 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski MobileSteamer1,905br
29 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski CherburySteamer3,220br
30 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski FulgentSteamer2,008br
30 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski SvoronoSteamer3,102ru
30 Apr 1915 U 35Waldemar Kophamel LailaSteamer748nw
30 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner ElidaSteamer1,693sw
37 ships sunk (61,662 tons) and 2 ships damaged (10,572 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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Map showing hips hit by U-boats during 1915-04


sunk (18). damaged (1). taken as prize (1).

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