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April 1915

The Danish Steamer Nidaros. She was hit by U 38 on 24 Apr 1915.

This is the full listing of all ships hit during April 1915. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Ships hit by U-boats during April 1915

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr GloxiniaFishing vessel145br
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr JasonTrawler176br
1 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr NellieTrawler109br
1 Apr 1915 U 37Erich Wilcke Seven SeasSteamer1,194br
2 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider LochwoodSteamer2,042br
2 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser PaqueretteSailing vessel399fr
3 Apr 1915  DouroSailing vessel248pt
4 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider City Of BremenSteamer1,258br
4 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser HermesSailing vessel1,019ru
4 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser  OlivineSteamer634br
5 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr AcanthaTrawler322br
5 Apr 1915 U 33Konrad Gansser NorthlandsSteamer2,776br
8 Apr 1915 U 32Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim  ChateaubriandSailing vessel2,247fr
10 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider The PresidentSteamer647br
10 Apr 1915 UB 4Karl Groß  HarpalyceSteamer5,940br
11 Apr 1915 U 24Rudolf Schneider Frederic Franck (d.)Steamer973fr
11 Apr 1915 U 32Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim Wayfarer (d.)Steamer9,599br
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius  FolkeSteamer1,352sw
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius Glencarse (p.)Fishing vessel188br
14 Apr 1915 U 6Reinhold Lepsius VestlandSteamer3,392da
14 Apr 1915 UB 10Otto Steinbrinck  KatwijkSteamer2,040nl
15 Apr 1915 UB 5Wilhelm Smiths PtarmiganSteamer784br
17 Apr 1915 UB 4Karl Groß EllispontosSteamer2,989gr
18 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner Brilliant (p.)Steamer1,441nw
21 Apr 1915 U 22Bruno Hoppe RuthSteamer867sw
22 Apr 1915 U 22Bruno Hoppe St. LawrenceTrawler196br
22 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner EvaSailing vessel312nw
22 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner OscarSailing vessel766nw
23 Apr 1915 U 26Egewolf Freiherr von Berckheim FråckSteamer849ru
24 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner  Nidaros (p.)Steamer1,024da
27 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner Torwald (p.)Steamer1,085sw
27 Apr 1915 k.u.k. U5Georg Ritter von Trapp  Leon GambettaArmored cruiser12,416fr
28 Apr 1915 U 10Fritz Stuhr LilydaleTrawler129br
28 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski MobileSteamer1,905br
29 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski CherburySteamer3,220br
30 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski FulgentSteamer2,008br
30 Apr 1915 U 30Erich von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski SvoronoSteamer3,102ru
30 Apr 1915 U 35Waldemar Kophamel LailaSteamer748nw
30 Apr 1915 U 38Max Valentiner ElidaSteamer1,693sw
37 ships sunk (61,662 tons) and 2 ships damaged (10,572 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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Map showing hips hit by U-boats during 1915-04


sunk (18). damaged (1). taken as prize (1).

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