Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Service: Royal Dutch Army.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
Avaling, Gerard, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942 Abosso +

Bakker, Maarten den, Royal Dutch Army1914-1942 Abosso +
Bergh, Alexander van den, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942 Abosso +
Berkel, Bernardus van, Royal Dutch Army1917-1942 Abosso +
Beveren, Arend van, Royal Dutch Army1916-1942 Tjileboet +
Bijsterveld, Adrianus Teunis, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942 Abosso +
Blokker, Petrus Johannes Theodorus, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942 Abosso +
Boer, Theodorus de, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Abosso +
Boogaard, Jacobus Leonardus van den, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +
Boogaerdt, Arie Jan, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942 Abosso +
Botbijl, Cornelis Jan, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Abosso +
Burgers, Albertus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942 Abosso +

Degenkamp, Johannes Evert, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942 Abosso +
Dekker, Gerhardus Franciscus, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942 Tjileboet +
Dienaar, Nicolaas, Royal Dutch Army1900-1942 Abosso +
Dijk, Jan van, Royal Dutch Army1919 Kota Tjandi
Doormaal, Theodorus van, Royal Dutch Army Flora
Drost, Hendrik Roelof, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942 Abosso +
Dulken, Gerrit Jan van, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Tjileboet +
Duysters, Johannes Hendricus, Royal Dutch Army1919 Arundo

Elzer, Sjoerd Johan, Royal Dutch Army1901 Bintang

Feijst, Barend Sijtze van der, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +

Goddery, J., Royal Dutch Army1917 Arundo
Groenenboom, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Abosso +
Gunnink, Berend Harmen, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Laertes +

Heij, Joachim, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +
Heilbron, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army Flora
Hemmerlé, Antoon, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942 Abosso +
Hertog, Johannes Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Abosso +
Heusden, Jan Hendrik Christiaan van, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942 Abosso +
Hoogland, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942 Abosso +
Hoorn, Alexander B.A. van, Royal Dutch Army1903 Rotterdam

Imhoff, Gustaaf Willem van, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Abosso +
Inpijn, Hans, Royal Dutch Army1922-2016 Flora

Jong, Jan Diederik de, Royal Dutch Army1905-1942 Abosso +
Juda, George Henri, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Abosso +

Knijff, Leonardus Albertus, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942 Abosso +
Kolhorn, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942 Abosso +
Kopuit, Louis, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942 Abosso +
Kuypers, Max Willem, Royal Dutch Army1922 Laertes

Langerhorst, Cornelis, Royal Dutch Army1919-1942 Poseidon +

Meijer, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942 Abosso +
Meijer, Pieter, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942 Abosso +
Messcher, Willem, Royal Dutch Army1919-1942 Bintang +
Muller, Hendrik Jan, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +
Muller, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1912 Kota Tjandi

Oss, Johannes Theodorus van, Royal Dutch Army1910 Kota Tjandi
Oudejans, Gerardus Antonius, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942 Abosso +

Poortenaar, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942 Abosso +
Poot, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1905 Kota Tjandi

Reijrink, Theodorus Christianus, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Abosso +
Renema, Andries, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942 Abosso +
Reuhl, Willem Mathijs, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Abosso +
Rietbroek, Joseph, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +
Rueb, Albertus Willem, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942 Abosso +

Sanders, Gerrit, Royal Dutch Army1919 Kota Tjandi
Schanstra, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1901-1942 Abosso +
Schiering, Antonius Marie Franciscus, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942 Abosso +
Schippers, Herman, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942 Laertes +
Sliedrecht, Adrianus Willem, Royal Dutch Army1900-1942 Abosso +
Sluijter, Johannes Mattheus, Royal Dutch Army1903-1942 Abosso +
Sluijters, Jacobus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942 Abosso +
Smit, Geert Gerardus, Royal Dutch Army1919 Kota Tjandi
Sorias, Abraham, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942 Abosso +
Spaans, Martinus, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942 Abosso +
Speelman, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942 Tjileboet +
Storteboom, Sjoerd, Royal Dutch Army1907-1942 Bintang +

Tasseron, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942 Abosso +
Teffer, Gerardus Marinus, Royal Dutch Army1918 Kota Tjandi
Timmermans, Johannes Adrianus Christianus, Royal Dutch Army1904-1942 Tjileboet +
Tonk, Hendrikus, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942 Bintang +
Toorn, Cornelis van der, Royal Dutch Army1904-1942 Abosso +

Veldkamp, Egbert, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942 Abosso +
Verdouw, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942 Abosso +
Vijverberg, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1914-1942 Abosso +
Vis, Karel Gustaaf van der, Royal Dutch Army1916-1942 Tjileboet +

Wagensveld, Maas van, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942 Abosso +
Wenas, Hendrik Frederik, Royal Dutch Army1902 Rotterdam

78 Royal Dutch Army people located. 62 of them died in the war.

A (4036), B (7603), C (6141), D (4219), E (1881), F (2963), G (3985), H (6576), I (571), J (2980), K (3260), L (4260), M (8566), N (2028), O (1575), P (4385), Q (171), R (4139), S (8103), T (3303), U (276), V (1233), W (4878), X (11), Y (462), Z (300), Å (34), Ä (1), Ö (5), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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