Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Service: Royal Dutch Army.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
DutchAvaling, Gerard, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942Abosso +

DutchBakker, Maarten den, Royal Dutch Army1914-1942Abosso +
DutchBergh, Alexander van den, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942Abosso +
DutchBerkel, Bernardus van, Royal Dutch Army1917-1942Abosso +
DutchBeveren, Arend van, Royal Dutch Army1916-1942Tjileboet +
DutchBijsterveld, Adrianus Teunis, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942Abosso +
DutchBlokker, Petrus Johannes Theodorus, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942Abosso +
DutchBoer, Theodorus de, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Abosso +
DutchBoogaard, Jacobus Leonardus van den, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +
DutchBoogaerdt, Arie Jan, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942Abosso +
DutchBotbijl, Cornelis Jan, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Abosso +
DutchBurgers, Albertus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942Abosso +

DutchDegenkamp, Johannes Evert, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942Abosso +
DutchDekker, Gerhardus Franciscus, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942Tjileboet +
DutchDienaar, Nicolaas, Royal Dutch Army1900-1942Abosso +
DutchDijk, Jan van, Royal Dutch Army1919Kota Tjandi
DutchDoormaal, Theodorus van, Royal Dutch ArmyFlora
DutchDrost, Hendrik Roelof, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942Abosso +
DutchDulken, Gerrit Jan van, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Tjileboet +
DutchDuysters, Johannes Hendricus, Royal Dutch Army1919Arundo

DutchElzer, Sjoerd Johan, Royal Dutch Army1901Bintang

DutchFeijst, Barend Sijtze van der, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +

DutchGoddery, J., Royal Dutch Army1917Arundo
DutchGroenenboom, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Abosso +
DutchGunnink, Berend Harmen, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Laertes +

DutchHeij, Joachim, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +
DutchHeilbron, Johannes, Royal Dutch ArmyFlora
DutchHemmerlé, Antoon, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942Abosso +
DutchHertog, Johannes Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Abosso +
DutchHeusden, Jan Hendrik Christiaan van, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942Abosso +
DutchHoogland, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942Abosso +
DutchHoorn, Alexander B.A. van, Royal Dutch Army1903Rotterdam

DutchImhoff, Gustaaf Willem van, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Abosso +
DutchInpijn, Hans, Royal Dutch Army1922-2016Flora

DutchJong, Jan Diederik de, Royal Dutch Army1905-1942Abosso +
DutchJuda, George Henri, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Abosso +

DutchKnijff, Leonardus Albertus, Royal Dutch Army1915-1942Abosso +
DutchKolhorn, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942Abosso +
DutchKopuit, Louis, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942Abosso +
DutchKuypers, Max Willem, Royal Dutch Army1922Laertes

DutchLangerhorst, Cornelis, Royal Dutch Army1919-1942Poseidon +

DutchMeijer, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942Abosso +
DutchMeijer, Pieter, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942Abosso +
DutchMesscher, Willem, Royal Dutch Army1919-1942Bintang +
DutchMuller, Hendrik Jan, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +
DutchMuller, Jan, Royal Dutch Army1912Kota Tjandi

DutchOss, Johannes Theodorus van, Royal Dutch Army1910Kota Tjandi
DutchOudejans, Gerardus Antonius, Royal Dutch Army1909-1942Abosso +

DutchPoortenaar, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1906-1942Abosso +
DutchPoot, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1905Kota Tjandi

DutchReijrink, Theodorus Christianus, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Abosso +
DutchRenema, Andries, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942Abosso +
DutchReuhl, Willem Mathijs, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Abosso +
DutchRietbroek, Joseph, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +
DutchRueb, Albertus Willem, Royal Dutch Army1913-1942Abosso +

DutchSanders, Gerrit, Royal Dutch Army1919Kota Tjandi
DutchSchanstra, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army1901-1942Abosso +
DutchSchiering, Antonius Marie Franciscus, Royal Dutch Army1910-1942Abosso +
DutchSchippers, Herman, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942Laertes +
DutchSliedrecht, Adrianus Willem, Royal Dutch Army1900-1942Abosso +
DutchSluijter, Johannes Mattheus, Royal Dutch Army1903-1942Abosso +
DutchSluijters, Jacobus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1912-1942Abosso +
DutchSmit, Geert Gerardus, Royal Dutch Army1919Kota Tjandi
DutchSorias, Abraham, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942Abosso +
DutchSpaans, Martinus, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942Abosso +
DutchSpeelman, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army1922-1942Tjileboet +
DutchStorteboom, Sjoerd, Royal Dutch Army1907-1942Bintang +

DutchTasseron, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1908-1942Abosso +
DutchTeffer, Gerardus Marinus, Royal Dutch Army1918Kota Tjandi
DutchTimmermans, Johannes Adrianus Christianus, Royal Dutch Army1904-1942Tjileboet +
DutchTonk, Hendrikus, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942Bintang +
DutchToorn, Cornelis van der, Royal Dutch Army1904-1942Abosso +

DutchVeldkamp, Egbert, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942Abosso +
DutchVerdouw, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1911-1942Abosso +
DutchVijverberg, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army1914-1942Abosso +
DutchVis, Karel Gustaaf van der, Royal Dutch Army1916-1942Tjileboet +

DutchWagensveld, Maas van, Royal Dutch Army1918-1942Abosso +
DutchWenas, Hendrik Frederik, Royal Dutch Army1902Rotterdam

78 Royal Dutch Army people located. 62 of them died in the war.

A (4065), B (7726), C (6233), D (4280), E (1904), F (3015), G (4043), H (6667), I (573), J (3006), K (3311), L (4309), M (8676), N (2039), O (1591), P (4432), Q (172), R (4186), S (8184), T (3338), U (278), V (1248), W (4938), X (11), Y (469), Z (305), Å (33), Ä (1), Ö (6), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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