Ship losses by month

July 1940

This is the full listing of all ships hit during July 1940. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Jul 1940U-102Harro von Klot-Heydenfeldt Clearton5,219brSL-36
1 Jul 1940U-26Heinz Scheringer Zarian (d.)4,871brOA-175
1 Jul 1940U-29Otto Schuhart Adamastos7,466gr
1 Jul 1940U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Beignon5,218brSL-36
1 Jul 1940U-65Hans-Gerrit von Stockhausen Amstelland (d.)8,156nlOA-175
2 Jul 1940U-29Otto Schuhart Athellaird8,999brOB-176
2 Jul 1940U-29Otto Schuhart Santa Margarita4,919pa
2 Jul 1940U-47Günther Prien Arandora Star15,501br
5 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann HMS Whirlwind (D 30)1,100br
5 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Magog2,053caHX-52
6 Jul 1940U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Angele Mabro3,154ag
6 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Vapper4,543es
7 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Lucrecia2,584nl
7 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Bissen1,514sw
7 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Sea Glory1,964br
8 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Humber Arm5,758brHX-53
9 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Tiiu1,865es
9 Jul 1940U-43Wilhelm Ambrosius Aylesbury3,944br
10 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Petsamo4,596fi
10 Jul 1940U-61Jürgen Oesten Alwaki4,533nlOA-180
11 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Janna2,197nwHX-54
12 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Ia4,860gr
12 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Merisaar (c.)2,136es
14 Jul 1940U-52Otto Salman Thetis A.4,111gr
14 Jul 1940UAHans Cohausz Sarita5,824nw
15 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Evdoxia2,018gr
16 Jul 1940U-61Jürgen Oesten Scottish Minstrel6,998brHX-55
17 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Naftilos3,531gr
17 Jul 1940U-43Wilhelm Ambrosius Fellside3,509brOA-184
17 Jul 1940U-57Erich Topp Manipur8,652brHX-55A
17 Jul 1940U-57Erich Topp O.A. Brodin1,960sw
18 Jul 1940U-58Heinrich Schonder Gyda1,591nw
18 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Woodbury4,434br
19 Jul 1940U-62Hans-Bernhard Michalowski Pearlmoor4,581brSL-38
21 Jul 1940U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp Ellaroy712br
26 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Accra9,337brOB-188
26 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Vinemoor4,359brOB-188
27 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Sambre5,260brOB-188
27 Jul 1940U-34Wilhelm Rollmann Thiara10,364brOB-188
28 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Auckland Star13,212br
29 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Clan Menzies7,336br
31 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Jamaica Progress5,475br
31 Jul 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Jersey City6,322brOB-191

41 ships sunk (203,709 tons) and 2 ships damaged (13,027 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(c.) means the ship was captured (included in ships & tonnage lost).

This map shows where Allied ships were hit during July 1940

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