Ship losses by month

September 1940

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Sep 1940U-101Fritz Frauenheim Efploia3,867grOB-205
1 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch HMS Fiji (58) (d.)8,000brMP
2 Sep 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Thornlea4,261brOB-206
2 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Ville de Mons7,463be
3 Sep 1940U-60Adalbert Schnee Ulva1,401br
4 Sep 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Luimneach1,074ir
4 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Titan9,035brOA-207
7 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Gro4,211nwSC-2
7 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien José de Larrinaga5,303brSC-2
7 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Neptunian5,155brSC-2
9 Sep 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Mardinian2,434brSC-2
9 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Possidon3,840grSC-2
11 Sep 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Harpenden (d.)4,678brOA-210
11 Sep 1940U-28Günter Kuhnke Maas1,966nlOA-210
11 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Albionic2,468br
15 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Alexandros4,343grSC-3
15 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Empire Volunteer5,319brSC-3
15 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt HMS Dundee (L 84)1,060brSC-3
15 Sep 1940U-65Hans-Gerrit von Stockhausen Hird4,950nwHX-70
15 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Kenordoc1,780caSC-3
16 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Lotos1,327nwSC-3
17 Sep 1940U-65Hans-Gerrit von Stockhausen Tregenna5,242brHX-71
17 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Crown Arun2,372brHX-71
18 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt City of Benares11,081brOB-213
18 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Magdalena3,118brSC-3
18 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Marina5,088brOB-213
20 Sep 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth Boka5,560paOB-216
20 Sep 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth City of Simla10,138brOB-216
20 Sep 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth New Sevilla13,801brOB-216
21 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Canonesa8,286brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Dalcairn4,608brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Torinia10,364brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-138Wolfgang Lüth Empire Adventure5,145brOB-216
21 Sep 1940U-47Günther Prien Elmbank (d.)5,156brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Blairangus4,409brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-48Heinrich Bleichrodt Broompark (d.)5,136brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Baron Blythswood3,668brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Elmbank5,156brHX-72
21 Sep 1940U-99Otto Kretschmer Invershannon9,154brHX-72
22 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Empire Airman6,586brHX-72
22 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Frederick S. Fales10,525brHX-72
22 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Scholar3,940brHX-72
22 Sep 1940U-100Joachim Schepke Simla6,031nwHX-72
22 Sep 1940U-31Wilfried Prellberg Union Jack81fa
22 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Collegian (d.)7,886brHX-72
25 Sep 1940U-29Otto Schuhart Eurymedon6,223brOB-217
25 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Mabriton6,694brOB-216
25 Sep 1940U-43Wilhelm Ambrosius Sulairia5,802brOB-217
26 Sep 1940U-137Herbert Wohlfarth Ashantian (d.)4,917brOB-218
26 Sep 1940U-137Herbert Wohlfarth Manchester Brigade6,042brOB-218
26 Sep 1940U-137Herbert Wohlfarth Stratford4,753brOB-218
26 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Corrientes (d.)6,863brOB-217
26 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Darcoila4,084brOB-217
26 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Tancred6,094nwOB-217
26 Sep 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Coast Wings862brOG-43
26 Sep 1940U-46Engelbert Endrass Siljan3,058sw
27 Sep 1940U-31Wilfried Prellberg Vestvard4,319nwOB-218
27 Sep 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Georges Mabro2,555ag
28 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Empire Ocelot5,759brOB-218
28 Sep 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Corrientes6,863brOB-217
29 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Bassa5,267brOB-218
30 Sep 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Haulerwijk3,278nlOB-219
30 Sep 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Heminge2,499brOB-220
30 Sep 1940U-37Victor Oehrn Samala5,390br

57 ships sunk (285,152 tons) and 7 ships damaged (42,636 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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