WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-55

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
18 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Foxen1,304sw
19 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Telnes1,694nw
21 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Andalusia1,357sw
22 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Segovia1,387nw
30 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Vaclite5,026brOA-80G
30 Jan 1940Werner Heidel Keramiai5,085grOA-80G

6 ships sunk (15,853 tons).

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Below is a map showing the locations of the attack(s) in question:

ship sunk or total loss (6).

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.

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