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Norwegian Waters

When these pages are complete (hopefully soon) then each of these boats will have its own "Dive" page with photos, maps, and contact information. Until then, the links simply link to the respective U-boat profiles.

This is a very well documented dive-site. It was probably been dived since roughly 1979-80 and also 2-3 years ago. The u-boat is standing on the seabed at aproximately 50 meters depth, the deepest part being the stern. The boat is looking good, exept for the rear part of the tower which is damaged from the sinking. The U-711 is located in Kilbotn, near Harstad ( North Norway ) in position N 68 deg. 43,717`, E 016 deg. 34,600`.

Molch midget submarine
In Oct, 1997 a Molch, in quite good shape, seems to have been discoved out of Stavanger, Norway at 18m depth. Recently Norwegian naval divers have destroyed the torpedo charges.

Possible dive sites around Norway include

The official story on this boat may be a bit off mark as numerous former crewmembers have stated that the boat sailed on the surface undergoing repairs finally scuttling the boat very close to shore.

In 1996 a special US sub (rescue sub?) searched for this boat without success. The boat is probably in shallow waters just of Bergen, Norway.

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