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TypeCargo ship
CountrySwedish Swedish

Date of attack27 Oct 1940Time1412-1550
FateSunk by submarine Nani (C.C. Gioacchino Polizzi)
Position of attack37° 20'N, 24° 15'W
Complement21 (no casualties, 21 survivors)
ConvoyOB 228
Notes At 1335 hours, Nani sighted a ship on the horizon. It proved to be the Swedish Swedish Meggie (1,583 GRT, built 1889, Captain F.B. Johansson) detached from convoy OB.228. She was carrying 4,000 tons of coal from Dunston to Madeira. At 1412 hours, she was ordered to stop and her papers examined. The crew of twenty-one was ordered to abandon ship and boarded the two lifeboats available. After sinking the ship with 8 rounds, Polizzi who had a good heart, decided to tow them for 12 hours toward the Island of San Miguel. A storm separated the two boats. On 4 November, one lifeboat was rescued by a fishing boat. After 13 days at sea, the other reached the Portuguese coast by using a compass made of two matches and a ring (our thanks to Andreas Lindh and Michael Lowrey for this story).

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Ships hit by Italian submarines