The U-boat war in Maps

North American Coast

This is the battleground of Operation Drumbeat in 1942 and the continued German U-boat strikes throughout the war. This map does not include the boats scuttled there post-war.

U-boats lost off the US East Coast


1942. 1943. 1944. 1945.

Click on any marker to see the boat's number. Left double-click to zoom-in. Right double-click to zoom-out.

20 German U-boats lost off the US coast. The red line shows the approximate route for the North Atlantic convoys. See our larger map for the Cape Hatteras.

Ships hit by U-boats off the US East Coast (and Gulf)

The losses off the US East Coast were overwhelmingly in 1942 during Operation Drumbeat and its successor operations, but the U-boats visited the area throughout the war.

This map, currently, includes ships lost in the Gulf of Mexico which has its own map. As it is now this map shows the entire US coastline and losses off it.

311 ships hit in the area, 255 ships sunk (1,425,996 GRT) and 56 ships damaged (397,444 GRT).


1942. 1943. 1944. 1945.

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