Hans-Georg Hess

Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve (entry, Jahrgang 40)

3 ships sunk, total tonnage 1,560 GRT
1 auxiliary warship sunk, total tonnage 633 GRT
1 warship sunk, total tonnage 105 tons
1 ship a total loss, total tonnage 7,176 GRT

Born  6 May 1923 Berlin
Died  29 Mar 2008(84)Wunstorf-Idensen, Germany

Hans Georg Hess


1 Mar 1944 Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve


  Iron Cross 2nd Class
  Iron Cross 1st Class
11 Feb 1945 Knights Cross

U-boat Commands

U-995 10 Oct 1944 9 May 1945   5 patrols (113 days) 

Hans Georg Hess on board.

Hans Georg Hess joined the Kriegsmarine at the age of 16 in April 1940 as a volunteer. He spent two years on various minesweepers before transferring to the U-boat force in April 1942.

He made five patrols on U-466, mostly in the North Atlantic. During her fifth patrol the boat managed to break through into the Mediterranean.

In September 1944 Hess took over U-995 and made five patrols in the Arctic Ocean. The boat surrendered on 8 May 1945 in Trondheim. Hans Georg Hess then spent a year in Norwegian captivity.

Later he became a lawyer in Hannover. He passed away on 29 March 2008 at his home in Wunstorf-Idensen, Germany and he is buried at the village cemetery.


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Patrol info for Hans-Georg Hess

 U-boat Departure Arrival  
1. U-995 14 Oct 1944  Skjomenfjord  11 Nov 1944  Narvik  Patrol 1,29 days
2. U-995 30 Nov 1944  Narvik  9 Dec 1944  Bogenbucht  Patrol 2,10 days
3. U-995 11 Dec 1944  Bogenbucht  7 Jan 1945  Narvik  Patrol 3,28 days
4. U-995 2 Feb 1945  Narvik  6 Mar 1945  Narvik  Patrol 4,33 days
5. U-995 13 Mar 1945  Narvik  25 Mar 1945  Harstad  Patrol 5,13 days
6. U-995 26 Mar 1945  Harstad  28 Mar 1945  Trondheim   3 days
5 patrols, 113 days at sea

Ships hit by Hans-Georg Hess

Date U-boat Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
5 Dec 1944U-995 Proletarij1,123sjPK-20
21 Dec 1944U-995 Reshitel’nyj20sj
26 Dec 1944U-995 RT-52 Som417sj
29 Dec 1944U-995 T-883 (No 37)633sjKB-37
2 Mar 1945U-995 BO-224105sj
20 Mar 1945U-995 Horace Bushnell (t.)7,176amJW-65

6 ships sunk (9,474 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

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