Convoy battles


Sydney CB to UK (North Atlantic)

1 Apr 1941 - 4 Apr 1941

The Convoy22 ships
First sightingOn 1 Apr 1941 by U-76
EscortsAtlantic escort : the armed merchant cruiser Worcestershire In the Western Approaches : the destroyers Wolverine (Cdr Rowland ) and Havelock and the sloop Scarborough and the corvette Arbutus.


U-46 (Oblt. Endrass) *, U-69 (Kptlt. Metzler) *, U-73 (Kptlt. Rosenbaum) *, U-74 (Kptlt. Kentrat) *, U-76 (Kptlt. von Hippel) *, U-97 (Kptlt. Heilmann), U-98 (Kptlt. Gysae) *, U-101 (Kptlt. Mengersen)

* U-boats that fired torpedo or used the deck gun

The battle

After the first sighting on the 1st, a patrol line is formed on the 2nd, consisting of U-46, U-69, U-73, U-74, U-76, U-97, U-98 and U-101. In the evening the convoy is found by U-74 and she brings up U-46, U-69 and U-73. These boats attack in the night and sink 6 ships, while the only escort, the AMC Worcestershire is torpedoed.

Next day in the afternoon the escort arrives, but it can not keep U-76 from the Daphne, a ship that had broken away from the convoy. The convoy is slightly scattered, but U-94 makes contact with the main body in the evening of the 3rd and brings up U-98. In the night they attack and sink 3 more ships.

On the 4th, U-101, U-98 and U-76 continue the chase but only U-76 sinks another ship. She prepares to attack the convoy by first daylight on the 5th but while reloading her batteries on the surface, she is surprised by the Wolverine. U-76 makes a crash-dive but one well-aimed depth charge from the Wolverine causes heavy damages to the U-76. Next the Scarborough throws a 10 depth charges pattern and the U-76 is mortally wounded. The boat manages to surface and all but one of its crew are picked up by the Arbutus.

Article compiled by Tom Linclau

Ships hit from convoy SC-26

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
2 Apr 1941U-46Engelbert Endrass British Reliance7,000brA
3 Apr 1941U-46Engelbert Endrass Alderpool (d.)4,313brB
3 Apr 1941U-73Helmut Rosenbaum Alderpool4,313brC
3 Apr 1941U-74Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat Leonidas Z. Cambanis4,274grD
3 Apr 1941U-73Helmut Rosenbaum Westpool5,724brE
3 Apr 1941U-73Helmut Rosenbaum Indier5,409beF
3 Apr 1941U-74Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat HMS Worcestershire (F 29) (d.)11,402brG
3 Apr 1941U-69Jost Metzler Thirlby (d.)4,887brH
3 Apr 1941U-73Helmut Rosenbaum British Viscount6,895brI
4 Apr 1941U-98Robert Gysae Helle2,467nwJ
4 Apr 1941U-94Herbert Kuppisch Harbledown5,414brK
4 Apr 1941U-98Robert Gysae Welcombe5,122brL
4 Apr 1941U-76Friedrich von Hippel Athenic5,351brM

10 ships sunk (51,969 tons) and 3 ships damaged (20,602 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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