Blohm & Voss, Hamburg

224 commissioned U-boats

TypeBoats WerkBuilt during
VIICU-551 - U-650100 boats527- 6261939
VIICU-951 - U-99444 boats151- 1941941
VIIC/41U-997 - U-101014 boats197- 2101941
VIIC/41U-1013 - U-102513 boats213- 2251942
XVIIAU-792 - U-7932 boats455- 4561942
XVIIBU-1405 - U-14073 boats255- 2571943
XXIU-2501 - U-253131 boats2501- 25311943
XXIU-2533 - U-25364 boats2533- 25361943
XXIU-2538 - U-25469 boats2538- 25461943
XXIU-2551 - U-25522 boats2551- 25521943

The first U-boat launched by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg was the U-551 on 14 Sep 1940, but the last U-boat launched was the U-2551 on 31 Mar 1945. This refers to U-boats that were actually commissioned into the Kriegsmarine.

U-boats that had been laid down

The following boats were laid down but not finished by the yard:
U-996, U-1011, U-1012, U-1026, U-1027, U-1028, U-1029 , U-1030, U-1031, U-1032, U-1408, U-1409, U-1410, U-2532 , U-2537, U-2547, U-2549, U-2550, U-2553, U-2554, U-2555 , U-2556, U-2557, U-2558, U-2559, U-2560, U-2561, U-2562 , U-2563, U-2564

U-boat ordered but not laid down by this yard

TypeBoats WerkOrderedNotes
VIIC/41U-1033 - U-105018 boats233- 2501942 
VIIC/41U-1401 - U-14044 boats251- 2541943 
VIIC/41U-1417 - U-14226 boats267- 2721943 
VIIC/41U-1435 - U-14395 boats285- 2891943 
VIIC/42U-1423 - U-143412 boats273- 2841943 
VIIC/42U-1440 - U-146324 boats290- 3131943 
XVIIBU-1411 - U-14166 boats261- 2661943 
XXIU-2565 - U-2762198 boats2565- 27621943Sections partially completed, keels not laid down. 
XXVIWU-4501 - U-4600100 boats4501- 46001944No keels laid, only prefabricated sections in development. 


Of those 403 contracts not finished by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, 30 had been laid down and 9 of those had been launched before the war ended.

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