F Schichau GmbH, Danzig

94 commissioned U-boats

TypeBoats WerkBuilt during
VIICU-431 - U-4344 boats1472- 14751939
VIICU-435 - U-4384 boats1477- 14801939
VIICU-439 - U-4424 boats1490- 14931940
VIICU-443 - U-4442 boats1498- 14991940
VIICU-445 - U-4484 boats1505- 15081940
VIICU-449 - U-4502 boats1520- 15211940
VIICU-731 - U-7344 boats1522- 15251940
VIICU-735 - U-7406 boats1532- 15371941
VIICU-741 - U-7466 boats1544- 15491941
VIICU-747 - U-7504 boats1557- 15601941
VIICU-825 - U-8262 boats1588- 15891942
VIICU-1191 - U-121020 boats1561- 15801941
VIIC/41U-827 - U-8282 boats1590- 15911942
XXIU-3501 - U-353030 boats1646- 16751943

The first U-boat launched by F Schichau GmbH in Danzig was the U-431 on 2 Feb 1941, but the last U-boat launched was the U-3530 on 26 Jan 1945. This refers to U-boats that were actually commissioned into the Kriegsmarine.

The last actual launch was U-3534 on 14 Feb 1945. That boat was not commissioned however.

U-boats that had been laid down

The following boats were laid down but not finished by the yard:
U-3531, U-3532, U-3533, U-3534, U-3535, U-3536, U-3537 , U-3538, U-3539, U-3540, U-3541, U-3542

U-boat ordered but not laid down by this yard

TypeBoats WerkOrderedNotes
VIIC/41U-829 - U-83810 boats1592- 16011942 
VIIC/41U-839 - U-8402 boats1604- 16051943 
VIIC/42U-2301 - U-231818 boats1616- 16331943 
XXIU-3543 - U-355412 boats1688- 16991944

Pre-fabricated sections captured in Danzig on 30 Mar 45 by Russian forces. Designated TS-13 on 12 Apr 45. Probably not completed. Struck from Soviet Navy list on 9 Apr 47. Broken-up for scrap.

XXIU-3558 - U-357114 boats1703- 17161943Construction of sections not started. 
XXIU-3572 - U-3684113 boats1726- 18381944Construction of sections not started. 


Of those 192 contracts not finished by F Schichau GmbH in Danzig, 12 had been laid down and 4 of those had been launched before the war ended.

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