Ship losses by month

December 1939

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Dec 1939U-21Fritz Frauenheim Mercator4,260fi
1 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Arcturus1,277nw
2 Dec 1939U-56Wilhelm Zahn Eskdene (d.)3,829brHN-3
3 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Ove Toft2,135da
3 Dec 1939U-56Wilhelm Zahn Rudolf2,119sw
4 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Gimle1,271nw
4 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost HMS Nelson (28) (d.) [Mine]33,950br
4 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Primula1,024nw
5 Dec 1939U-47Günther Prien Navasota8,795brOB-46
6 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Agu1,575es
6 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost Vinga1,974sw
6 Dec 1939U-47Günther Prien Britta6,214nw
6 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst HMS Washington [Mine]209br
7 Dec 1939U-38Heinrich Liebe Thomas Walton4,460br
7 Dec 1939U-47Günther Prien Tajandoen8,159nl
8 Dec 1939U-23Otto Kretschmer Scotia2,400da
8 Dec 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Brandon6,668brOB-48
9 Dec 1939U-20Karl-Heinz Moehle Magnus1,339da
9 Dec 1939U-48Herbert Schultze San Alberto7,397brOB-48
10 Dec 1939U-20Karl-Heinz Moehle Føina1,674nw
10 Dec 1939U-20Karl-Heinz Moehle Willowpool [Mine]4,815brHG-9
11 Dec 1939U-38Heinrich Liebe Garoufalia4,708gr
12 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst Marwick Head [Mine]496br
13 Dec 1939U-38Heinrich Liebe Deptford4,101br
13 Dec 1939U-57Claus Korth Mina1,173es
15 Dec 1939U-48Herbert Schultze Germaine5,217gr
16 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst Glitrefjell1,568nw
16 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst Lister1,366sw
17 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst Bogø1,214da
17 Dec 1939U-59Harald Jürst Jaegersborg1,245da
19 Dec 1939U-60Georg Schewe City of Kobe [Mine]4,373brFS-56
20 Dec 1939U-22Karl-Heinrich Jenisch Mars [Mine]1,877sw
21 Dec 1939U-21Fritz Frauenheim Carl Henckel1,352sw
21 Dec 1939U-21Fritz Frauenheim Mars1,475sw
21 Dec 1939U-46Herbert Sohler Rudolf924nw
22 Dec 1939U-61Jürgen Oesten Gryfevale (d.) [Mine]4,434br
23 Dec 1939U-22Karl-Heinrich Jenisch HMS Dolphin [Mine]3,099br
23 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost HMS Glen Albyn [Mine]82br
23 Dec 1939U-31Johannes Habekost HMS Promotive [Mine]78br
25 Dec 1939U-22Karl-Heinrich Jenisch HMS Loch Doon (FY 127) [Mine]534br
25 Dec 1939U-33Hans-Wilhelm von Dresky Stanholme [Mine]2,473br
28 Dec 1939U-15Heinz Buchholz Resercho [Mine]258br
28 Dec 1939U-22Karl-Heinrich Jenisch Hanne [Mine]1,080da
28 Dec 1939U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp HMS Barbara Robertson325br
28 Dec 1939U-30Fritz-Julius Lemp HMS Barham (04) (d.)31,100br
31 Dec 1939U-32Paul Büchel Luna959nw

42 ships sunk (107,742 tons) and 4 ships damaged (73,313 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

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