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U-boats Never Commissioned

These boats had all been laid down at the yard but for one reason or another were never commissioned. Some were bombed beyond repair while others were cancelled in favour of a more promising design (like many VIIC/41 and VIIC/42 boats were for the very promising XXI).

U-329 U-330 U-395 U-474 U-491 U-492 U-493 U-494 U-495 U-496 U-497 U-684
U-685 U-686 U-687 U-688 U-689 U-723 U-724 U-780 U-781 U-782 U-796 U-798
U-807 U-808 U-823 U-824 U-882 U-884 U-890 U-891 U-892 U-902 U-906 U-908
U-931 U-932 U-996

U-1011 U-1012 U-1026 U-1027 U-1028 U-1029 U-1030 U-1031 U-1032 U-1133
U-1134 U-1135 U-1136 U-1173 U-1174 U-1175 U-1176 U-1177 U-1178 U-1179
U-1236 U-1237 U-1238 U-1239 U-1240 U-1241 U-1242 U-1280 U-1281 U-1282
U-1408 U-1409 U-1410

Elektro boats (more info on these boats)
U-2370 U-2401 U-2402 U-2403 U-2404 U-2431 U-2432 U-2532 U-2537 U-2547
U-2549 U-2550 U-2553 U-2554 U-2555 U-2556 U-2557 U-2558 U-2559 U-2560
U-2561 U-2562 U-2563 U-2564 U-3036 U-3042 U-3043 U-3045 U-3046 U-3047
U-3048 U-3049 U-3050 U-3051 U-3052 U-3053 U-3054 U-3055 U-3056 U-3057
U-3058 U-3059 U-3060 U-3061 U-3062 U-3063 U-3531 U-3532 U-3533 U-3534
U-3535 U-3536 U-3537 U-3538 U-3539 U-3540 U-3541 U-3542 U-4708 U-4715
U-4716 U-4717 U-4718

135 U-boats had been laid down but not finished by German shipyards before and during the war. The large type XXI boats are slightly difficult to decide on wether they were laid down or not as prefabricated sections had been delivered to shipyards - often enough to complete a dozen or more boats, but they had not been formally laid down. U-3538 to U-3542 are good examples of this.

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