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Patrol info for U-37

DepartureArrival / FateDuration
30 Jan 1941Lorient18 Feb 1941Lorient20 days


Officers *

Kptlt. Asmus Nicolai Clausen

Oblt. Hans-G√ľnther Kuhlmann

Oblt. Ulrich Folkers

Ltn. Hans-Achim von Rosenberg-Gruszczynski

Daily positions, sinkings and allied attacks during the patrol of U-37


means a ship hit (sunk or damaged).

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We have 16 daily positions for the 20 days U-37 was at sea.

Departure from Lorient on 30 Jan 1941.
31 Jan 1941 - 1 Feb 1941 - 2 Feb 1941 - 3 Feb 1941 - 4 Feb 1941 - 5 Feb 1941 - 6 Feb 1941 - 7 Feb 1941 - 8 Feb 1941 - 9 Feb 1941 - 10 Feb 1941 - 11 Feb 1941 - 12 Feb 1941 - 13 Feb 1941 - 14 Feb 1941 - 15 Feb 1941 - 16 Feb 1941 - 17 Feb 1941 -
Arrival at Lorient on 18 Feb 1941.

Ships hit by U-37 during this patrol

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
9 Feb 1941U-37Asmus Nicolai Clausen Courland1,325brHG-53A
9 Feb 1941U-37Asmus Nicolai Clausen Estrellano1,983brHG-53B
10 Feb 1941U-37Asmus Nicolai Clausen Brandenburg1,473brHG-53C

3 ships sunk (4,781 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.

General Events during this patrol


8 Feb 1941. U-37 located convoy HG 53 late on 8 Feb 1941. She opened attack on the 9th and sank three ships over the next two days, also calling in Fw Condor aircraft from 2/KG 40 which sank another five ships on the 9th. The heavy cruiser Hipper was also vectored to the position, but by the time she arrived on the 11th there only remained a solitary straggler for her to sink.

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Attacks on U-37 during this patrol

We have no recorded attacks on U-37 duing this patrol.

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* These are officers that later became commanders themselves.

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