U-boat Patrols

Patrols by U-636

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Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt17 Apr 1943  Kiel20 Apr 1943  Bergen4 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt24 Apr 1943  Bergen28 Apr 1943  Trondheim5 days 
1Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt2 May 1943  Trondheim8 Jun 1943  Bergen38 days P View
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt24 Jul 1943  Bergen27 Jul 1943  Narvik4 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt28 Jul 1943  Narvik31 Jul 1943  Hammerfest4 days 
2Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt31 Jul 1943  Hammerfest7 Aug 1943  Narvik8 days7,169 P View
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt14 Aug 1943  Narvik16 Aug 1943  Hammerfest3 days 
3Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt17 Aug 1943  Hammerfest30 Aug 1943  Narvik14 days P View
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt5 Sep 1943  Narvik9 Sep 1943  Bergen5 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt24 Oct 1943  Bergen25 Oct 1943  Trondheim2 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt27 Oct 1943  Trondheim31 Oct 1943  Narvik5 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt2 Nov 1943  Narvik3 Nov 1943  Hammerfest2 days 
4Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt6 Nov 1943  Hammerfest17 Nov 1943  Hammerfest12 days P View
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt18 Nov 1943  Hammerfest19 Nov 1943  Tromsö2 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt21 Nov 1943  Tromsö22 Nov 1943  Hammerfest2 days 
5Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt23 Nov 1943  Hammerfest27 Dec 1943  Hammerfest35 days P View
6Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt30 Dec 1943  Hammerfest8 Jan 1944  Narvik10 days P View
7Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt26 Jan 1944  Narvik2 Feb 1944  Hammerfest8 days P View
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt4 Feb 1944  Hammerfest5 Feb 1944  Narvik2 days 
Kptlt. Hans Hildebrandt8 Feb 1944  Narvik11 Feb 1944  Trondheim4 days 
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel31 Mar 1944  Trondheim2 Apr 1944  Narvik3 days 
8Oblt. Eberhard Schendel8 Apr 1944  Narvik3 May 1944  Narvik26 days P View
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel5 May 1944  Narvik7 May 1944  Trondheim3 days 
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel23 Jun 1944  Trondheim24 Jun 1944  Narvik2 days 
9Oblt. Eberhard Schendel27 Jun 1944  Narvik23 Jul 1944  Harstad27 days P View
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel24 Jul 1944  Harstad24 Jul 1944  Narvik1 days 
10Oblt. Eberhard Schendel25 Aug 1944  Narvik12 Sep 1944  Narvik19 days P View
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel16 Sep 1944  Narvik18 Sep 1944  Tromsö3 days 
11Oblt. Eberhard Schendel25 Sep 1944  Tromsö3 Oct 1944  Tromsö9 days P View
12Oblt. Eberhard Schendel6 Oct 1944  Tromsö12 Nov 1944  Tromsö38 days P View
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel14 Nov 1944  Tromsö16 Nov 1944  Bogenbucht3 days 
13Oblt. Eberhard Schendel4 Dec 1944  Bogenbucht16 Dec 1944  Kilbotn13 days P View
14Oblt. Eberhard Schendel25 Dec 1944  Kilbotn30 Jan 1945  Narvik37 days P View
Oblt. Eberhard Schendel1 Feb 1945  Narvik3 Feb 1945  Trondheim3 days 
15Oblt. Eberhard Schendel1 Apr 1945  Trondheim21 Apr 1945  Sunk21 days P View
315 days7,169

15 War patrols (P) located. 315 days at sea during patrols (377 days at sea overall).
War patrols are shown with grey background.

Tons indicate tonnage of ships sunk or damaged during the patrol, if any. Warships are included.

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