WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-129

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Please note that in the table below you can find a 'Map' column. This helps to find that particular attack on the map below.

Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
20 Feb 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen Nordvangen2,400nwA
23 Feb 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen George L. Torian1,754caB
23 Feb 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen West Zeda5,658amC
23 Feb 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen Lennox1,904caD
28 Feb 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen Bayou2,605paE
3 Mar 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen Mary5,104amF
7 Mar 1942Asmus Nicolai Clausen Steel Age6,188amG
10 Jun 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt L.A. Christensen4,362nwH
12 Jun 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Hardwicke Grange9,005brI
17 Jun 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Millinocket3,274amJ
27 Jun 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Tuxpam7,008meK
27 Jun 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Las Choapas2,005meL
1 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Cadmus1,855nwM
2 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Gundersen1,841nwN
4 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Tuapse6,320sjO
12 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt TachirĂ¡2,325amP
19 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Port Antonio1,266nwQ
23 Jul 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Onondaga2,309amR
16 Oct 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Trafalgar5,542nwS
23 Oct 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Reuben Tipton6,829amT
30 Oct 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt West Kebar5,620amU
5 Nov 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Meton7,027amTAG-18V
5 Nov 1942Hans-Ludwig Witt Astrell7,595nwTAG-18W
2 Apr 1943Hans-Ludwig Witt Melbourne Star12,806brX
24 Apr 1943Hans-Ludwig Witt Santa Catalina6,507amY
4 May 1943Hans-Ludwig Witt Panam7,277paNK-538Z
4 Dec 1943Richard von Harpe Libertad5,441cuKN-280
6 May 1944Richard von Harpe Anadyr5,278brTJ-30
11 May 1944Richard von Harpe Empire Heath6,643br

29 ships sunk (143,748 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.

Note on map. U-129 sank or damaged 29 Allied ships. Our map markers only have 26 labels (A-Z) at this time. This is why some of the markers have no label but otherwise work just fine. The markers are sorted by date, the first 26 successes have labels. This only affects about 20 of the most successful U-boats.

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.
In other cases the posititions are too close and the markers overlap, not much we can do about that.

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