WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-333

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
22 Jan 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Vassilios A. Polemis3,429grON-53A
24 Jan 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Ringstad4,765nwON-55B
31 Jan 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Spreewald5,083dtC
6 May 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Java Arrow (d.)8,327amD
6 May 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Amazone1,294nlE
6 May 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Halsey7,088amF
10 May 1942Peter-Erich Cremer Clan Skene5,214brG
6 Oct 1942Peter-Erich Cremer HMS Crocus (K 49) (d.)925brH
19 Mar 1943Werner Schwaff Carras5,234grSC-122I

7 ships sunk (32,107 tons) and 2 ships damaged (9,252 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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