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The Kattagat

When these pages are complete (hopefully soon) then each of these boats will have its own "Dive" page with photos, maps, and contact information. Until then, the links simply link to the respective U-boat profiles.

Several German U-boats were sunk in the Kattegat, the sea between Sweden and Denmark, during WWII. Some of those are probably still there and within dive range of scuba divers.

This boat was recently found and is now a regularly dived site. She lies at roughly 32 meter depth and has been dived onto since at least August 1993. Her location is 57.37N, 11.51E or just southeast of the Danish island of Læsø and south of the Swedish city of Göteborg.

This boat was a dive site for some time before she was raised in 1993. Her location was just NW of U-251.

Possible dive sites

The following boats were sunk in the Kattegat, all in April or May 1945, and some of them could be dive sites if they are or have been located.

U-235, U-1065, U-1008, U-2359, U-2534, U-3523 and U-2524.

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