The U-boat war in Maps

Kattegat / Skagerrak

Through these confined waters U-boats traveling to their combat flotillas in France or Norway had to sail through. Only 1 U-boat was lost here prior to 1944; U-22 (Kptlt. Karl-Heinrich Jenisch) went missing in late March 1940 in North Sea or Kattegat and is not shown on this map, but she is included in the figures lost.

All the boats lost here fell victim to aircraft, either by direct attack or air laid mines. At the southern end of this area some of the roughly 220 U-boats were scuttled in May 1945.

1 German U-boats lost in the Kattegat area. Of the boats lost in those tight waters 5 have been raised since the war ended (U-3503 in 1946, U-2338 in 1952, U-2365 in 1956, U-843 in 1958 and U-534 in 1993).

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