U-boat Fates

U-boat losses by year

U-boat Losses during 1939

This map shows positions of U-boats lost in 1939. The map is clickable and zoom-able (with the mouse-wheel).


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
14 Sep 1939U-39 44044Warship 
20 Sep 1939U-27 38038Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
8 Oct 1939U-12+27270Lost to mines 
13 Oct 1939U-40 48453Lost to mines 
13 Oct 1939U-42 462620Warship 
14 Oct 1939U-45+38380Warship 
25 Oct 1939U-16+28280Lost to mines 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
29 Nov 1939U-35 43043Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
4 Dec 1939U-36+40400Warship 

9 U-boats lost in 1939 (204 men died and 148 men survived those losses).
+ means that the boat was lost with all hands.

U-boats scuttled at sea after battle damage are considered war losses and are shown above.

U-boat losses by year