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27th Flotilla

01.40 - 06.40 taktische Unterseebootsausbildungsflottille

Ausbildungsflottille (Training Flotilla)


01.40 - 03.45 Gotenhafen

Flotilla Commanders

01.40 - 12.41
12.41 - 10.42
10.42 - 08.44
10.44 - 03.45
Korvkpt. Ernst Sobe
Fregkptn. Werner Hartmann (Knights Cross)
Korvkpt. Erich Topp (Knights Cross)
Kptlt. Ernst Bauer (Knights Cross)

Assigned U-boats


1 U-boats assigned to this flotilla during its service.


The 27th Flotilla was founded in January 1940. There new U-boat crews received their tactical training (Taktische Ausbildung Unterseeboote) and absolved a 8 to 15 day tactical practice ( Taktische Übung ).

This was a simulated convoy battle in the Baltic Sea and it was possible, that a boat had to absolve this practice twice or more, or until the boat reached satisfying results. U-109 needed during the spring of 1941 two attempts, before the boat was declared ready for combat. The 27th flotilla was the last training station for the new U-boats. The flotilla history ended in March 1945, when the flotilla was disbanded.

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