Convoy battles


Trinidad, southeastward (Central Atlantic)

0000 - 0000

The Convoy21 ships
First sightingOn 0000
EscortsAmerican corvette USS Saucy (PG 65), American patrol yacht USS Carnelian (PY 19), American patrol craft USS PC-567 and USS PC-624 and American submarine chasers USS SC-522 and USS SC-534


The battle

On 5 December, the convoy TRIN-27 consisting of 21 merchant ships left Trinidad escorted by one corvette, one patrol yacht, two patrol craft and two submarine chasers. One ship from convoy TRIN-27 was sunk by a U-boat after the convoy had been dispersed on 11 December.

Ships hit from convoy TRIN-27

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
16 Dec 1942U-159Helmut Friedrich Witte East Wales4,358brA

1 ship sunk (4,358 tons).

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Locations of ships hit from TRIN-27 (34).

sunk ship.

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