Convoy battles


Takoradi to Sierra Leone (South Atlantic)

30 Apr 1943 - 1 May 1943

The Convoy18 ships
First sightingOn 30 Apr 1943 by U-515
EscortsOne Corvette and 3 armed trawlers.


U-515 (Henke).

The battle

The convoy leaves Takoradi on the 18th and during the following days the corvette picks up a lot of radio signals from U-boats operating in the vicinity. She does however not send a distress signal but keeps radio silence. A request for urgent reinforcement is signalled by the Aldis-lamp to a passing Hudson patrol aircraft. But the pilot makes only a routine rapport on his return and so the call for help is lost.

This proves to be fatal when U-515, commanded by one of the most experienced U-boat officers, makes contact in the late afternoon of the 30th and attacks at dusk. In three approaches she sinks 4 ships before midnight and another 3 in the morning. After the second attack the escort is reinforced by three destroyers coming from Freetown. U-515 breaks off the fight.

Article compiled by Tom Linclau

Ships hit from convoy TS-37

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
30 Apr 1943U-515Werner Henke Corabella5,682brA
30 Apr 1943U-515Werner Henke Bandar Shahpour5,236brB
30 Apr 1943U-515Werner Henke Kota Tjandi7,295nlC
30 Apr 1943U-515Werner Henke Nagina6,551brD
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke City of Singapore6,555brE
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke Clan Macpherson6,940brF
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke Mokambo4,996beG

7 ships sunk (43,255 tons).

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