Convoy routes

Convoy route QP

RouteRussia - Iceland
AreaArctic Ocean

Convoys with empty ships returning from the Soviet Union, were replaced by RA convoys

From September 1941 to December 1942, then continued as RA.

There were in all 15 convoys with 223 ships. 4 ships headed back, 8 were sunk by U-boats, 1 ship sunk by a German destroyer, 2 ships by Luftwaffe and the QP 13 lost 5 ships for a total of 30,909 tons in an allied minefield.



QP-10Apr 19423 ships sunk with a total of 17,317 tons.
QP-14Sep 19426 ships sunk with a total of 23,474 tons.
QP-15Nov 19422 ships sunk with a total of 9,825 tons.

3 QP convoys successfully attacked in the war.
11 ships were sunk with a total of 50,616 GRT.

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