Streitaxt (e. Battle Axe)

This Wolfpack operated from 20 Oct 1942 to 2 Nov 1942.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-103Gustav-Adolf Janssen29 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 A
U-134Rudolf Schendel20 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 B
U-203Hermann Kottmann20 Oct 194230 Oct 1942 C
U-409Hanns-Ferdinand Massmann20 Oct 19421 Nov 1942 D
U-440Hans Geissler29 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 E
U-509Werner Witte20 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 F
U-510Karl Neitzel20 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 G
U-572Heinz Hirsacker20 Oct 19422 Nov 1942 H
U-604Horst Höltring20 Oct 194231 Oct 1942 I
U-659Hans Stock20 Oct 194231 Oct 1942 J
10 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Streitaxt

Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
26 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Anglo Mærsk (d.)7,705brSL-125
27 Oct 1942U-604Horst Höltring Anglo Mærsk7,705brSL-125
27 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Pacific Star7,951brSL-125
27 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Stentor6,148brSL-125
28 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Nagpore5,283brSL-125
28 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Hopecastle (d.)5,178brSL-125
29 Oct 1942U-203Hermann Kottmann Hopecastle5,178brSL-125
29 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Corinaldo (d.)7,131brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-509Werner Witte Brittany4,772brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-409Hanns-Ferdinand Massmann Bullmouth (d.)7,519brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-659Hans Stock Bullmouth7,519brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-659Hans Stock Corinaldo (d.)7,131brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-203Hermann Kottmann Corinaldo7,131brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-604Horst Höltring Président Doumer11,898brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-659Hans Stock Tasmania (d.)6,405brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-604Horst Höltring Baron Vernon3,642brSL-125
30 Oct 1942U-409Hanns-Ferdinand Massmann Silverwillow6,373brSL-125
31 Oct 1942U-510Karl Neitzel Alaska (d.)5,681nwSL-125
31 Oct 1942U-103Gustav-Adolf Janssen Tasmania6,405brSL-125

12 ships sunk (80,005 tons) and 7 ships damaged (46,750 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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