Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg

113 commissioned U-boats

TypeBoats WerkBuilt during
IXCU-501 - U-5066 boats291- 2961939
IXCU-507 - U-51812 boats303- 3141939
IXCU-519 - U-5246 boats334- 3391940
IXC/40U-525 - U-5328 boats340- 3471940
IXC/40U-533 - U-5386 boats351- 3561941
IXC/40U-539 - U-55012 boats360- 3711941
IXC/40U-1221 - U-123515 boats384- 3981941
XXIIIU-2321 - U-233111 boats475- 4851943
XXIIIU-2334 - U-236936 boats488- 5231943

The first U-boat launched by Deutsche Werft AG in Hamburg was the U-501 on 25 Jan 1941, but the last U-boat launched was the U-2371 on 18 Apr 1945. This refers to U-boats that were actually commissioned into the Kriegsmarine.

U-boats that had been laid down

The following boats were laid down but not finished by the yard:
U-1236, U-1237, U-1238, U-1239, U-1240, U-1241, U-1242 , U-2370

U-boat ordered but not laid down by this yard

TypeBoats WerkOrderedNotes
IXC/40U-1243 - U-12508 boats406- 4131942 
IXC/40U-1251 - U-126212 boats434- 4451942 
XXIIIU-2372 - U-240029 boats526- 5541944The completed sections for those boats were transferred to Germaniawerft, Kiel in Feb 1945 for assembly of U-4713 - U-4718. 
XXIIIU-4001 - U-4120120 boats555- 6741943 


Of those 177 contracts not finished by Deutsche Werft AG in Hamburg, 8 had been laid down and 3 of those had been launched before the war ended.

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