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6 boats commissioned

Construction history of type VIID

U-boats ShipyardWerk #Built during
U-213 - U-2186F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG, Kiel645- 6501940 - 1942

These boats, designed in 1939-1940, were basically a longer version of the type VIIC with additional SMA mine shafts just aft of the conning tower. They were armed with 12 torpedoes or 26 TMA mines (39 TMB) and had the 88mm deck gun with 220 rounds. They can be considered the forefathers of the big ballistic submarines of today. Another variant of the VII attack U-boats was the large type VIIF torpedo transports.

These boats did not fare very well with only 1 (U-218) out of 6 surviving the war and the other 5 all went down with all hands of a total of 241 men dead.

All type VIID U-boats

Below you can see the 6 commissioned U-boats of this type.

U-213, U-214, U-215, U-216, U-217, and U-218.

Technical information for type VIID

965 (sf)
1080 (sm)
1285 (total)
Length: (m) 76,90 oa
59,80 ph
Beam: (m) 6,38 oa
4,70 ph
Draught: (draft)5,01 m
Height:9,70 m
Power: (hp)3200 (sf)
750 (sm)
16,7 (sf)
7,3 (sm)
(miles / knots)
11200/10 (sf)
69/4 (sm)
4/1 (bow / stern tubes)
Mines: 15 SMA
Deck gun: 88/45
220 rounds
Crew: 46-52 men
Max depth: ca. 200 m
(656 feet)
sm = submerged, sf = surfaced, ph = pressure hull,
oa = overall, hp = horsepower.

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