Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Country: Yugoslavian.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
YugoslavianAlivieri, Šime, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianAndreis, Vicko, Merchant Navy1910-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianAnticevic, Sime, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianAntunovic, Andrija, Merchant Navy1910Trepca

YugoslavianBaresic, P., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianBelic, Marijan, Merchant Navy1898Trepca
YugoslavianBeussan, Nikola, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianBobic, Stjepan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianBojanic, Nikola, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianBralic, Milan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianBrinic, Aleksandar, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianBrnabic, Mate, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianCaka, Miroslav, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianCiganovic, Drago, Merchant Navy1913Kupa

YugoslavianDabicic, Sime, Merchant Navy1905Trepca
YugoslavianDanculovic, Stevo, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianDimitrijevic, Alexander, Merchant Navy-1940Ville d’Arlon +
YugoslavianDobrajc, August, Merchant Navy1901-1943Trepca
YugoslavianDoricic, Ivan, Merchant Navy1911Trepca
YugoslavianDrazic, Marijan, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianDunatov, Slavko, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianDunic, Krsto, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianFajs, Stjepan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianFatovic, Bozo, Merchant Navy1907Trepca
YugoslavianFerencic, Petar, Merchant Navy1899Trepca
YugoslavianFiori, Ferdinand, Merchant NavyMercier
YugoslavianForenbaher, Marijan, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianFranciskovic, Gildo, Merchant Navy1912Trepca

YugoslavianGavrilovic, Ivan, Civilian1929City of New York
YugoslavianGavrilovic, Vera, Civilian1904-1989City of New York
YugoslavianGjurisic, Gracia, Merchant Navy1898Kupa
YugoslavianGojanovic, Jerko, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianGrbic, Stipe, Merchant Navy1893-1942Trepca +
YugoslavianGregov, Luka, Merchant Navy1892Kupa
YugoslavianGregov, Vico, Merchant Navy1892Kupa
YugoslavianGrškovic, Viktor, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianHanish, Alfred, Merchant NavyTorvanger
YugoslavianHoggia, B., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic

YugoslavianIvanovic, Niko, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic

YugoslavianJakelic, Anton, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianJedrelinic, Nikola, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianJovic, Dusan, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianJuraga, Jure, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianJurat, Roko, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianJuricic, R., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianJurisic, Zvonimir, Merchant Navy1920Trepca
YugoslavianJurišic, Alfred, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianJurišic, Ivan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianKaskovic, Krsto, Merchant Navy1920-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianKelez, Marin, Merchant NavyNikolina Matkovic
YugoslavianKlarin-Marcelic, J., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianKnezevic, Veljo, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianKola, Marko, Merchant Navy1909Trepca
YugoslavianKonatic, Kazimir, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianKonecny, J., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianKosovic, Ivan, Merchant Navy1915-1942Nemanja +
YugoslavianKursar, Vjekoslav, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianKustera, Blas, Merchant Navy1895Kupa
YugoslavianKuzman, Frano, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +

YugoslavianLakos, Jakov, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianLegac, Mate, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianLenic, Z., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianLeontic, Velimir E., Merchant Navy1913Trepca
YugoslavianLjuština, Mate, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianLoser, Karlo, Merchant Navy-1942Nemanja +
YugoslavianLucin, Mate, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianLukacic, Krsto, Merchant Navy1903Trepca

YugoslavianMagazinovic, Boris, Merchant Navy1916Trepca
YugoslavianMandic, Ivan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianMandic, Ivan, Merchant Navy1907Trepca
YugoslavianMarasovic, Natalio, Merchant NavyElisabeth van Belgie
YugoslavianMarcic, N., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianMardesic, Jacob, Merchant NavyNemanja
YugoslavianMaricic, Branimir, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianMaricic, Kruno Albino, Merchant Navy1922-1989Trepca
YugoslavianMarochini, Stanko, Merchant Navy1892Trepca
YugoslavianMartedic, Marijan, Merchant Navy1904Trepca
YugoslavianMasina, Mate, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianMavrinac, Josip, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianMavrinac, Mate, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianMedic, Kristijan, Merchant Navy1921-2000Trepca
YugoslavianMialic, Josip, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianMiljevic, Milorad, Merchant NavyCarica Milica, Triglav
YugoslavianMilos, Anton, Merchant Navy1909Dinaric
YugoslavianMirkovic, Petar, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianMohorovicic, Desanka Petrovic, Civilian1914-1992City of New York
YugoslavianMohorovicic, Vesna, Civilian1939City of New York

YugoslavianNemaric, Mate, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianNizitee, N., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianNovakovic, S., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic

YugoslavianOlic, Ivan, Merchant Navy1911Trepca

YugoslavianParcic, Ante, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianPavic, Mate, Merchant Navy1911-1942Trepca +
YugoslavianPavlovic, Petar, Merchant Navy1895Trepca
YugoslavianPerdija, Marko, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianPetric, Mario, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianPetric, Mario, Merchant Navy1900Kupa
YugoslavianPetrone, Peter, Merchant Navy1907Halcyon
YugoslavianPetrovic, Veljko, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianPintaric, Ivan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianPlesnik, Paol, Merchant Navy-1942Yngaren +
YugoslavianPrimic, Anton, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianProdan, Ivan, Merchant Navy1908Kupa
YugoslavianPrusic, J., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic

YugoslavianRacki, Emil, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianRade, Ivan, Merchant Marine1885-1942Olympic +
YugoslavianRadic, Andrija, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianRadovic, Ivan, Merchant Marine1904-1942Olympic +
YugoslavianReis, Natario, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianRepbansek, Antonio, Merchant Marine1900Watsonville
YugoslavianRotor-Milada, T., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianRusinic, Jerolim, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianRuzic, Vojko, Merchant Navy1916-1942Trepca +

YugoslavianSarin, Nikola, Merchant Navy1902Kupa
YugoslavianSeidel, Oscar, Merchant Navy-1942Predsednik Kopajtic +
YugoslavianSelestrin, Ivan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianSemencic, Ante, Merchant Navy1902Trepca
YugoslavianSeparovic, Jakov, Merchant Navy1905Kupa
YugoslavianSkocic, S., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianSmolcic, Josip, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianSokolic, Josip, Merchant NavyAnte Matkovic
YugoslavianSovic, Branimir, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianStarcevic, Ivan, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianStefanic, Kazimir, Merchant Navy-1942Ante Matkovic +
YugoslavianStipanov, Ante, Merchant Navy1902Trepca
YugoslavianStojanac, Veljko, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianStrgacic, Ljubidrag, Merchant Navy1883Trepca
YugoslavianSuslic, M., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic

YugoslavianTihomil, Streny, Merchant Navy-1943Milos +
YugoslavianTipic, Josip, Merchant Navy1903Trepca
YugoslavianTogunjac, V., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianTominic, Albert, Merchant Navy1915Trepca
YugoslavianTruta-Tabulov, Ante, Merchant Navy1916-1972Trepca
YugoslavianTugunjac, Venceslav, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +

YugoslavianVidovic-Padovan, J., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianVlasic, C., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianVranac, Miroslav, Merchant Navy1917Kupa
YugoslavianVrankovic, Gašpar, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianVrurnic, Redjeljko, Merchant Navy1914Trepca
YugoslavianVucetic, Josip, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianVucetic, Sime, Merchant Navy-1942Nikolina Matkovic +
YugoslavianVukadinovich, Sava, Merchant Marine1895-1942Scapa Flow +
YugoslavianVukic, Sime, Merchant Navy-1942Triglav +
YugoslavianVukic, Šime, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianYucetic, Petar, Merchant Navy1908Trepca

YugoslavianZadrijevac, Marijan, Merchant NavyDinaric
YugoslavianZarkovic, Ivan, Merchant Navy1902Peru
YugoslavianZec, Petar, Merchant Navy-1942Ante Matkovic +
YugoslavianZerdo, P., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianZic, A., Merchant NavyLjubica Matkovic
YugoslavianZiganto, Slavko, Merchant Navy1913-1942Dinaric +
YugoslavianZurak, Božo, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

YugoslavianŠarin, Nikola, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianŠimac, Krsto, Merchant Navy1899-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianŠtetic, Nikola, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +
YugoslavianŽeželic, Dragutin, Merchant Navy-1943Vojvoda Putnik +

156 Yugoslavian people located. 72 of them died in the war.

A (4065), B (7726), C (6233), D (4280), E (1904), F (3015), G (4043), H (6667), I (573), J (3006), K (3311), L (4309), M (8676), N (2039), O (1591), P (4432), Q (172), R (4186), S (8184), T (3338), U (278), V (1248), W (4938), X (11), Y (469), Z (305), Å (33), Ä (1), Ö (6), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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