Ship losses by month

March 1944

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Mar 1944U-358Rolf Manke HMS Gould (K 476)1,192br
1 Mar 1944U-66Gerhard Seehausen Saint Louis5,202fr
2 Mar 1944U-744Heinz Blischke HMS LST-3621,625brMKS-40
4 Mar 1944U-703Joachim Brünner Empire Tourist7,062brRA-57
5 Mar 1944U-66Gerhard Seehausen John Holt4,964br
7 Mar 1944U-510Alfred Eick Tarifa7,229nw
7 Mar 1944U-518Hans-Werner Offermann Valera3,401pa
9 Mar 1944U-183Fritz Schneewind British Loyalty (t.)6,993br
9 Mar 1944U-255Erich Harms USS Leopold (DE 319)1,200amCU-16
10 Mar 1944U-575Wolfgang Boehmer HMS Asphodel (K 56)1,015brSL-150
10 Mar 1944U-952Oskar Curio William B. Woods7,176am
13 Mar 1944U-852Heinz-Wilhelm Eck Peleus4,695gr
17 Mar 1944U-371Waldemar Mehl Dempo17,024nlSNF-17
17 Mar 1944U-371Waldemar Mehl Maiden Creek (t.)6,165amSNF-17
19 Mar 1944U-311Joachim Zander Seakay10,342amCU-17
19 Mar 1944U-510Alfred Eick John A. Poor7,176am
21 Mar 1944U-66Gerhard Seehausen Matadian4,275br
22 Mar 1944U-802Helmut Schmoeckel Watuka1,621caSH-125
27 Mar 1944U-510Alfred Eick HMS Maaløy (J 136)249br
27 Mar 1944U-532Ottoheinrich Junker Tulagi2,281br
30 Mar 1944U-223Peter Gerlach HMS Laforey (G 99)1,935br

21 ships sunk (102,822 tons).

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(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

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