List of all U-boats

U-boats never laid down

These boats had been awarded contract for at one time or another but they had then been cancelled before construction began. Some were simply advanced design ideas while others were cancelled in favour of a more promising design (like many VIIC/41 and VIIC/42 boats were for the very promising XXI).


51 of these boats had been cancelled by 6 Nov 1943 in favor of the type XXI boats.

U-807, U-808, U-809, U-810, U-811, U-812, U-813, U-814, U-815, U-816 [ ... ]
U-893, U-894, U-895, U-896, U-897, U-898, U-899 [ ... ] U-1242, U-1243, U-1244
U-1245, U-1246, U-1247, U-1248, U-1249, U-1250, U-1251, U-1252, U-1253, U-1254, U-1255
U-1256, U-1257, U-1258, U-1259, U-1260, U-1261, U-1262 [ ... ] U-1501, U-1501, U-1502
U-1502, U-1503, U-1503, U-1504, U-1504, U-1505, U-1505, U-1506, U-1506, U-1507, U-1508
U-1509, U-1510, U-1511, U-1512, U-1513, U-1514, U-1515, U-1516, U-1517, U-1518, U-1519
U-1520, U-1521, U-1522, U-1523, U-1524, U-1525, U-1526, U-1527, U-1528, U-1529, U-1530
U-1531, U-1532, U-1533, U-1534, U-1535, U-1536, U-1537, U-1538, U-1539, U-1540, U-1541
U-1542 (86 boats).


U-885, U-886, U-887, U-888 [ ... ] U-900 (5 boats).

V 300

U-791 (1 boats).


U-769, U-770 [ ... ] U-782 (3 boats).


All but 6 of these boats had been cancelled by 6 Nov 1943 in favor of the type XXI boats. 91 of this type had been commissioned with 33 more under construction when the war ended.

U-690, U-691, U-692, U-693, U-694, U-695, U-696, U-697, U-698 [ ... ] U-725
U-726, U-727, U-728, U-729, U-730 [ ... ] U-829, U-830, U-831, U-832, U-833
U-834, U-835, U-836, U-837, U-838, U-839, U-840 [ ... ] U-909, U-910, U-911
U-912 [ ... ] U-933, U-934, U-935, U-936 [ ... ] U-1033, U-1034, U-1035, U-1036
U-1037, U-1038, U-1039, U-1040, U-1041, U-1042, U-1043, U-1044, U-1045, U-1046, U-1047
U-1048, U-1049, U-1050 [ ... ] U-1066, U-1067, U-1068 [ ... ] U-1111, U-1112, U-1113
U-1114 [ ... ] U-1137, U-1138, U-1139, U-1140, U-1141, U-1142, U-1143, U-1144, U-1145
U-1146 [ ... ] U-1180, U-1181, U-1182, U-1183, U-1184, U-1185, U-1186, U-1187, U-1188
U-1189, U-1190 [ ... ] U-1283, U-1284, U-1285, U-1286, U-1287, U-1288, U-1289, U-1290
U-1291 [ ... ] U-1309, U-1310, U-1311, U-1312 [ ... ] U-1331, U-1332, U-1333, U-1334
U-1335, U-1336, U-1337, U-1338 [ ... ] U-1401, U-1402, U-1403, U-1404 [ ... ] U-1417
U-1418, U-1419, U-1420, U-1421, U-1422 [ ... ] U-1435, U-1436, U-1437, U-1438, U-1439 [ ... ]
U-1801, U-1802, U-1803, U-1804 [ ... ] U-1823, U-1824, U-1825, U-1826, U-1827, U-1828 (127 boats).


These boats, a much strenghtened and better type VIIC, were all cancelled on 30 Sept 1943 in favor of the more promising Type XXI. None were commissioned.

U-699, U-700 [ ... ] U-783, U-784, U-785, U-786, U-787, U-788, U-789, U-790 [ ... ]
U-913, U-914, U-915, U-916, U-917, U-918 [ ... ] U-937, U-938, U-939, U-940
U-941, U-942 [ ... ] U-1069, U-1070, U-1071, U-1072, U-1073, U-1074, U-1075, U-1076
U-1077, U-1078, U-1079, U-1080 [ ... ] U-1093, U-1094, U-1095, U-1096, U-1097, U-1098
U-1099, U-1100 [ ... ] U-1115, U-1116, U-1117, U-1118, U-1119, U-1120 [ ... ] U-1147
U-1148, U-1149, U-1150, U-1151, U-1152 [ ... ] U-1292, U-1293, U-1294, U-1295, U-1296
U-1297 [ ... ] U-1313, U-1314, U-1315, U-1316, U-1317, U-1318 [ ... ] U-1339, U-1340
U-1341, U-1342, U-1343, U-1344, U-1345, U-1346, U-1347, U-1348, U-1349, U-1350 [ ... ]
U-1423, U-1424, U-1425, U-1426, U-1427, U-1428, U-1429, U-1430, U-1431, U-1432, U-1433
U-1434 [ ... ] U-1440, U-1441, U-1442, U-1443, U-1444, U-1445, U-1446, U-1447, U-1448
U-1449, U-1450, U-1451, U-1452, U-1453, U-1454, U-1455, U-1456, U-1457, U-1458, U-1459
U-1460, U-1461, U-1462, U-1463 [ ... ] U-1805, U-1806, U-1807, U-1808, U-1809, U-1810
U-1811, U-1812, U-1813, U-1814, U-1815, U-1816, U-1817, U-1818, U-1819, U-1820, U-1821
U-1822 [ ... ] U-1901, U-1902, U-1903, U-1904 [ ... ] U-2001, U-2002, U-2003, U-2004 [ ... ]
U-2101, U-2102, U-2103, U-2104 [ ... ] U-2301, U-2302, U-2303, U-2304, U-2305, U-2306
U-2307, U-2308, U-2309, U-2310, U-2311, U-2312, U-2313, U-2314, U-2315, U-2316, U-2317
U-2318 (162 boats).


Huge U-cruisers. Cancelled at the outbreak of war, none completed.

U-112, U-113, U-114, U-115 (4 boats).


On 3 June 1944 all but U-497 were cancelled but she was cancelled on 23 Sep 1944 and broken up.

U-497 [ ... ] U-2201, U-2202, U-2203, U-2204 (5 boats).


All 6 of this classs were cancelled on 30 Sep 1943 with 3 (U-1405 to U-1407) having been completed.

U-1411, U-1412, U-1413, U-1414, U-1415, U-1416 (6 boats).


All 12 of this classs were cancelled on 30 Sep 1943 none having been completed.

U-1081, U-1082, U-1083, U-1084, U-1085, U-1086, U-1087, U-1088, U-1089, U-1090, U-1091
U-1092 (12 boats).


U-797 (1 boats).


Large freight carrying boats based on the large Type XB mine-layer. They were only armed with AA defence weapons. They could carry 800 tons. After 15 Aug 1944 only U-1701 to U-1703 were under construction but none were completed.

U-1601, U-1602, U-1603, U-1604, U-1605, U-1606, U-1607, U-1608, U-1609, U-1610, U-1611
U-1612, U-1613, U-1614, U-1615 [ ... ] U-1701, U-1702, U-1703, U-1704, U-1705, U-1706
U-1707, U-1708, U-1709, U-1710, U-1711, U-1712, U-1713, U-1714, U-1715 (30 boats).


118 of these were commissioned. 51 more were under construction but had not beeen commissioned. 580 additonal Type XXI boats (this list) had not been laid down for a total order of 749 Type XXI boats. On 29 Jan 1945 contracts were cancelled for 353 of these boats, 207 having already been cancelled on 1 Dec 1944, leaving 20 boats with construction orders when the war ended. U-3101 to U-3295 (195 boats) were planned to be constructed in the huge U-boat bunker Valentin near Bremen, contract cancelled on 29 Jan 1945.

U-2565, U-2566, U-2567, U-2568, U-2569, U-2570, U-2571, U-2572, U-2573, U-2574, U-2575
U-2576, U-2577, U-2578, U-2579, U-2580, U-2581, U-2582, U-2583, U-2584, U-2585, U-2586
U-2587, U-2588, U-2589, U-2590, U-2591, U-2592, U-2593, U-2594, U-2595, U-2596, U-2597
U-2598, U-2599, U-2600, U-2601, U-2602, U-2603, U-2604, U-2605, U-2606, U-2607, U-2608
U-2609, U-2610, U-2611, U-2612, U-2613, U-2614, U-2615, U-2616, U-2617, U-2618, U-2619
U-2620, U-2621, U-2622, U-2623, U-2624, U-2625, U-2626, U-2627, U-2628, U-2629, U-2630
U-2631, U-2632, U-2633, U-2634, U-2635, U-2636, U-2637, U-2638, U-2639, U-2640, U-2641
U-2642, U-2643, U-2644, U-2645, U-2646, U-2647, U-2648, U-2649, U-2650, U-2651, U-2652
U-2653, U-2654, U-2655, U-2656, U-2657, U-2658, U-2659, U-2660, U-2661, U-2662, U-2663
U-2664, U-2665, U-2666, U-2667, U-2668, U-2669, U-2670, U-2671, U-2672, U-2673, U-2674
U-2675, U-2676, U-2677, U-2678, U-2679, U-2680, U-2681, U-2682, U-2683, U-2684, U-2685
U-2686, U-2687, U-2688, U-2689, U-2690, U-2691, U-2692, U-2693, U-2694, U-2695, U-2696
U-2697, U-2698, U-2699, U-2700, U-2701, U-2702, U-2703, U-2704, U-2705, U-2706, U-2707
U-2708, U-2709, U-2710, U-2711, U-2712, U-2713, U-2714, U-2715, U-2716, U-2717, U-2718
U-2719, U-2720, U-2721, U-2722, U-2723, U-2724, U-2725, U-2726, U-2727, U-2728, U-2729
U-2730, U-2731, U-2732, U-2733, U-2734, U-2735, U-2736, U-2737, U-2738, U-2739, U-2740
U-2741, U-2742, U-2743, U-2744, U-2745, U-2746, U-2747, U-2748, U-2749, U-2750, U-2751
U-2752, U-2753, U-2754, U-2755, U-2756, U-2757, U-2758, U-2759, U-2760, U-2761, U-2762 [ ... ]
U-3064, U-3065, U-3066, U-3067, U-3068, U-3069, U-3070, U-3071, U-3072, U-3073, U-3074
U-3075, U-3076, U-3077, U-3078, U-3079, U-3080, U-3081, U-3082, U-3083, U-3084, U-3085
U-3086, U-3087, U-3088, U-3089, U-3090, U-3091, U-3092, U-3093, U-3094, U-3095, U-3096
U-3097, U-3098, U-3099, U-3100, U-3101, U-3102, U-3103, U-3104, U-3105, U-3106, U-3107
U-3108, U-3109, U-3110, U-3111, U-3112, U-3113, U-3114, U-3115, U-3116, U-3117, U-3118
U-3119, U-3120, U-3121, U-3122, U-3123, U-3124, U-3125, U-3126, U-3127, U-3128, U-3129
U-3130, U-3131, U-3132, U-3133, U-3134, U-3135, U-3136, U-3137, U-3138, U-3139, U-3140
U-3141, U-3142, U-3143, U-3144, U-3145, U-3146, U-3147, U-3148, U-3149, U-3150, U-3151
U-3152, U-3153, U-3154, U-3155, U-3156, U-3157, U-3158, U-3159, U-3160, U-3161, U-3162
U-3163, U-3164, U-3165, U-3166, U-3167, U-3168, U-3169, U-3170, U-3171, U-3172, U-3173
U-3174, U-3175, U-3176, U-3177, U-3178, U-3179, U-3180, U-3181, U-3182, U-3183, U-3184
U-3185, U-3186, U-3187, U-3188, U-3189, U-3190, U-3191, U-3192, U-3193, U-3194, U-3195
U-3196, U-3197, U-3198, U-3199, U-3200, U-3201, U-3202, U-3203, U-3204, U-3205, U-3206
U-3207, U-3208, U-3209, U-3210, U-3211, U-3212, U-3213, U-3214, U-3215, U-3216, U-3217
U-3218, U-3219, U-3220, U-3221, U-3222, U-3223, U-3224, U-3225, U-3226, U-3227, U-3228
U-3229, U-3230, U-3231, U-3232, U-3233, U-3234, U-3235, U-3236, U-3237, U-3238, U-3239
U-3240, U-3241, U-3242, U-3243, U-3244, U-3245, U-3246, U-3247, U-3248, U-3249, U-3250
U-3251, U-3252, U-3253, U-3254, U-3255, U-3256, U-3257, U-3258, U-3259, U-3260, U-3261
U-3262, U-3263, U-3264, U-3265, U-3266, U-3267, U-3268, U-3269, U-3270, U-3271, U-3272
U-3273, U-3274, U-3275, U-3276, U-3277, U-3278, U-3279, U-3280, U-3281, U-3282, U-3283
U-3284, U-3285, U-3286, U-3287, U-3288, U-3289, U-3290, U-3291, U-3292, U-3293, U-3294
U-3295 [ ... ] U-3543, U-3544, U-3545, U-3546, U-3547, U-3548, U-3549, U-3550, U-3551
U-3552, U-3553, U-3554 [ ... ] U-3558, U-3559, U-3560, U-3561, U-3562, U-3563, U-3564
U-3565, U-3566, U-3567, U-3568, U-3569, U-3570, U-3571, U-3572, U-3573, U-3574, U-3575
U-3576, U-3577, U-3578, U-3579, U-3580, U-3581, U-3582, U-3583, U-3584, U-3585, U-3586
U-3587, U-3588, U-3589, U-3590, U-3591, U-3592, U-3593, U-3594, U-3595, U-3596, U-3597
U-3598, U-3599, U-3600, U-3601, U-3602, U-3603, U-3604, U-3605, U-3606, U-3607, U-3608
U-3609, U-3610, U-3611, U-3612, U-3613, U-3614, U-3615, U-3616, U-3617, U-3618, U-3619
U-3620, U-3621, U-3622, U-3623, U-3624, U-3625, U-3626, U-3627, U-3628, U-3629, U-3630
U-3631, U-3632, U-3633, U-3634, U-3635, U-3636, U-3637, U-3638, U-3639, U-3640, U-3641
U-3642, U-3643, U-3644, U-3645, U-3646, U-3647, U-3648, U-3649, U-3650, U-3651, U-3652
U-3653, U-3654, U-3655, U-3656, U-3657, U-3658, U-3659, U-3660, U-3661, U-3662, U-3663
U-3664, U-3665, U-3666, U-3667, U-3668, U-3669, U-3670, U-3671, U-3672, U-3673, U-3674
U-3675, U-3676, U-3677, U-3678, U-3679, U-3680, U-3681, U-3682, U-3683, U-3684, U-3685
U-3686, U-3687, U-3688, U-3689, U-3690, U-3691, U-3692, U-3693, U-3694, U-3695 (580 boats).


U-1153, U-1154 (2 boats).


61 boats of this type were commissioned into the Kriegsmarine in 1944-1945. 120 contracts with construction not yet started were cancelled on 12 Oct 1944 (Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg) and 147 more on 29 Jan 1945 (Germaniawerft, Kiel).

U-2372, U-2373, U-2374, U-2375, U-2376, U-2377, U-2378, U-2379, U-2380, U-2381, U-2382
U-2383, U-2384, U-2385, U-2386, U-2387, U-2388, U-2389, U-2390, U-2391, U-2392, U-2393
U-2394, U-2395, U-2396, U-2397, U-2398, U-2399, U-2400, U-2401, U-2402, U-2403, U-2404
U-2405, U-2406, U-2407, U-2408, U-2409, U-2410, U-2411, U-2412, U-2413, U-2414, U-2415
U-2416, U-2417, U-2418, U-2419, U-2420, U-2421, U-2422, U-2423, U-2424, U-2425, U-2426
U-2427, U-2428, U-2429, U-2430 [ ... ] U-2433, U-2434, U-2435, U-2436, U-2437, U-2438
U-2439, U-2440, U-2441, U-2442, U-2443, U-2444, U-2445, U-2446, U-2447, U-2448, U-2449
U-2450, U-2451, U-2452, U-2453, U-2454, U-2455, U-2456, U-2457, U-2458, U-2459, U-2460 [ ... ]
U-4001, U-4002, U-4003, U-4004, U-4005, U-4006, U-4007, U-4008, U-4009, U-4010, U-4011
U-4012, U-4013, U-4014, U-4015, U-4016, U-4017, U-4018, U-4019, U-4020, U-4021, U-4022
U-4023, U-4024, U-4025, U-4026, U-4027, U-4028, U-4029, U-4030, U-4031, U-4032, U-4033
U-4034, U-4035, U-4036, U-4037, U-4038, U-4039, U-4040, U-4041, U-4042, U-4043, U-4044
U-4045, U-4046, U-4047, U-4048, U-4049, U-4050, U-4051, U-4052, U-4053, U-4054, U-4055
U-4056, U-4057, U-4058, U-4059, U-4060, U-4061, U-4062, U-4063, U-4064, U-4065, U-4066
U-4067, U-4068, U-4069, U-4070, U-4071, U-4072, U-4073, U-4074, U-4075, U-4076, U-4077
U-4078, U-4079, U-4080, U-4081, U-4082, U-4083, U-4084, U-4085, U-4086, U-4087, U-4088
U-4089, U-4090, U-4091, U-4092, U-4093, U-4094, U-4095, U-4096, U-4097, U-4098, U-4099
U-4100, U-4101, U-4102, U-4103, U-4104, U-4105, U-4106, U-4107, U-4108, U-4109, U-4110
U-4111, U-4112, U-4113, U-4114, U-4115, U-4116, U-4117, U-4118, U-4119, U-4120 [ ... ]
U-4713, U-4714, U-4715, U-4716, U-4717, U-4718, U-4719, U-4720, U-4721, U-4722, U-4723
U-4724, U-4725, U-4726, U-4727, U-4728, U-4729, U-4730, U-4731, U-4732, U-4733, U-4734
U-4735, U-4736, U-4737, U-4738, U-4739, U-4740, U-4741, U-4742, U-4743, U-4744, U-4745
U-4746, U-4747, U-4748, U-4749, U-4750, U-4751, U-4752, U-4753, U-4754, U-4755, U-4756
U-4757, U-4758, U-4759, U-4760, U-4761, U-4762, U-4763, U-4764, U-4765, U-4766, U-4767
U-4768, U-4769, U-4770, U-4771, U-4772, U-4773, U-4774, U-4775, U-4776, U-4777, U-4778
U-4779, U-4780, U-4781, U-4782, U-4783, U-4784, U-4785, U-4786, U-4787, U-4788, U-4789
U-4790, U-4791, U-4792, U-4793, U-4794, U-4795, U-4796, U-4797, U-4798, U-4799, U-4800
U-4801, U-4802, U-4803, U-4804, U-4805, U-4806, U-4807, U-4808, U-4809, U-4810, U-4811
U-4812, U-4813, U-4814, U-4815, U-4816, U-4817, U-4818, U-4819, U-4820, U-4821, U-4822
U-4823, U-4824, U-4825, U-4826, U-4827, U-4828, U-4829, U-4830, U-4831, U-4832, U-4833
U-4834, U-4835, U-4836, U-4837, U-4838, U-4839, U-4840, U-4841, U-4842, U-4843, U-4844
U-4845, U-4846, U-4847, U-4848, U-4849, U-4850, U-4851, U-4852, U-4853, U-4854, U-4855
U-4856, U-4857, U-4858, U-4859, U-4860, U-4861, U-4862, U-4863, U-4864, U-4865, U-4866
U-4867, U-4868, U-4869, U-4870 (365 boats).


These were to be high-seas U-boats propelled by the Walter turbine, giving them unprecedented underwater speed. Section were under construction for boat U-4501 to U-4504 when the war ended.

U-4501, U-4502, U-4503, U-4504, U-4505, U-4506, U-4507, U-4508, U-4509, U-4510, U-4511
U-4512, U-4513, U-4514, U-4515, U-4516, U-4517, U-4518, U-4519, U-4520, U-4521, U-4522
U-4523, U-4524, U-4525, U-4526, U-4527, U-4528, U-4529, U-4530, U-4531, U-4532, U-4533
U-4534, U-4535, U-4536, U-4537, U-4538, U-4539, U-4540, U-4541, U-4542, U-4543, U-4544
U-4545, U-4546, U-4547, U-4548, U-4549, U-4550, U-4551, U-4552, U-4553, U-4554, U-4555
U-4556, U-4557, U-4558, U-4559, U-4560, U-4561, U-4562, U-4563, U-4564, U-4565, U-4566
U-4567, U-4568, U-4569, U-4570, U-4571, U-4572, U-4573, U-4574, U-4575, U-4576, U-4577
U-4578, U-4579, U-4580, U-4581, U-4582, U-4583, U-4584, U-4585, U-4586, U-4587, U-4588
U-4589, U-4590, U-4591, U-4592, U-4593, U-4594, U-4595, U-4596, U-4597, U-4598, U-4599
U-4600 (100 boats).

1489 U-boats had been ordered from shipyards but work had not started on them (they had not been laid down).

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