WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-160

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Please note that in the table below you can find a 'Map' column. This helps to find that particular attack on the map below.

Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
27 Mar 1942Georg Lassen Equipoise6,210paA
29 Mar 1942Georg Lassen City of New York8,272amB
1 Apr 1942Georg Lassen Rio Blanco4,086brC
6 Apr 1942Georg Lassen Bidwell (d.)6,837amD
9 Apr 1942Georg Lassen Malchace3,516amE
11 Apr 1942Georg Lassen Ulysses14,647brF
16 Jul 1942Georg Lassen Beaconlight6,926paG
18 Jul 1942Georg Lassen Carmona5,496paH
21 Jul 1942Georg Lassen Donovania8,149brI
25 Jul 1942Georg Lassen Telamon2,078nlJ
29 Jul 1942Georg Lassen Prescodoc1,938caK
2 Aug 1942Georg Lassen Treminnard4,694brL
4 Aug 1942Georg Lassen Havsten (d.)6,161nwM
16 Oct 1942Georg Lassen Castle Harbour730brTRIN-19N
16 Oct 1942Georg Lassen Winona (d.)6,197amTRIN-19O
3 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Chr. J. Kampmann2,260caTAG-18P
3 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Thorshavet11,015nwTAG-18Q
3 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Gypsum Empress4,034brTAG-18R
3 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Leda8,546paTAG-18S
6 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Arica5,431brTRIN-24T
11 Nov 1942Georg Lassen City of Ripon6,368brU
21 Nov 1942Georg Lassen Bintang6,481nlV
8 Feb 1943Georg Lassen Roger B. Taney7,191amW
3 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Harvey W. Scott7,176amDN-21X
3 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Nirpura5,961brDN-21Y
3 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Tibia (d.)10,356nlDN-21Z
4 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Empire Mahseer5,087brDN-21
4 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Marietta E.7,628brDN-21
4 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Sheaf Crown (d.)4,868brDN-21
8 Mar 1943Georg Lassen James B. Stephens7,176am
11 Mar 1943Georg Lassen Aelybryn4,986br

26 ships sunk (156,082 tons) and 5 ships damaged (34,419 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Note on map. U-160 sank or damaged 31 Allied ships. Our map markers only have 26 labels (A-Z) at this time. This is why some of the markers have no label but otherwise work just fine. The markers are sorted by date, the first 26 successes have labels. This only affects about 20 of the most successful U-boats.

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.
In other cases the posititions are too close and the markers overlap, not much we can do about that.

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