5th Flotilla

5th Flotilla

Unterseebootsflottille "Emsmann"*

Frontflottille (Combat Flotilla)
since Sept 1939


12.38 - 12.39 Kiel

Flotilla Commanders

12.38 - 12.39 Korvkpt. Hans-Rudolf Rösing
(Knights Cross)

U-boat Types


Assigned U-boats

  since 09.39 10.39 11.39 12.39 sunk tons
U-56 11.38 x x x x none  
U-57 12.38 x x x x 3 ships 4,122
U-58 02.39 x x x x none  
U-59 03.39 x x x x 8 ships 6,323
U-60 07.39 T* T* x x 1 ship 4,373
U-61 08.39 T* T* x x none  
    6 6 6 6 12 ships 14,818
* in training


U-Flotilla "Emsmann"* was founded on 1 Dec 1938 under the command of Kptlt. Hans-Rudolf Rösing. The history ended in Jan 1940 when the Flotilla was disbanded and the boats all went to the 1st Flotilla.

Note: In June 1941 a training flotilla was established at Kiel which was also called the 5. Flottille.

* Oblt. Hans Joachim Emsmann was during WWI Commander of the U-boat UB-5, UB-10, UB-40 and UB-116. He sank on 10 patrols 27 ships with a total of 9,221 tons. He died on 28 Oct, 1918, when his U-116 was sunk by mine. Oblt. Emsmann tried in that moment to break in Scapa Flow, a raid which Kptlt Prien attempted 21 years later more successfully.

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