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Convoy routes

More than 200 convoy-routes existed in the war, here we show most of the routes which U-boats attacked, from here you can go to every convoy-route to see all the attacked convoys and some details.

Each convoy was known by two or more letters, usual meaning the the departure and destination harbours, i.e. the AB convoys sailed from Aden to Bombay and BA convoys returned from Bombay to Aden. But also were used the H for Home and the O for Outward, i.e. HX meant 'Home from Halifax'. The lettering was also used to indicate the convoy's speed. The HX-convoys were allways fast ones and the SC's were slow ones.

The convoys received a number when they left the harbour, like BA-2 or HX-348, some convoys ended up with a number over 100 like the HX, SC, ON and OB convoys.

ASUSA - FreetownCentral Atlantic
ATAlexandria to TobrukMediterranean
BCBeira, Mozambique - Capetown, South AfricaIndian Ocean
BDArchangel'sk - Dikson (Soviet coastal convoy)Arctic Ocean
BRNBahia and Recife, northwardSouth Atlantic
BSCorner Brook NF to Sydney CBNorth Atlantic
BTBahia, Brazil - TrinidadSouth Atlantic / Caribbean
BTCUK coastal convoysUK coastal waters
BXBoston to HalifaxNorth Atlantic
CBDurban to BeiraIndian Ocean
CDCapetown to DurbanSouth Atlantic and Indian Ocean
CUCuraçao to UKCentral Atlantic
DNDurban, northwardIndian Ocean
EBCBristol Channel to FranceUK coastal waters
ETNorth Africa to GibraltarMediterranean
FNCapetown to Freetown, northwardSouth Atlantic
FSFirth of Forth to ThamesUK coastal waters
GTXGibraltar to Tripoli and AlexandriaMediterranean
GUSPort Said to USA via Gibraltar, slowCentral Atlantic and Mediterranean
HGHomeward from GibraltarNorth Atlantic
HNHomeward from NorwayNorth Sea
HXHomeward from HalifaxNorth Atlantic
JTRio de Janeiro, Brazil - TrinidadCentral Atlantic
JWLoch Ewe, UK - Kola Fjord, RussiaArctic Ocean
KCasablanca to BrestNorth Atlantic
KBKola Fjord - White Sea (Soviet)Arctic Ocean
KJKingston, Jamaica to UKNorth Atlantic
KMFUK - Mediterranean (fast)North Atlantic and Mediterranean
KMSUK - Mediterranean (slow)North Atlantic and Mediterranean
MHMilford Haven to HolyheadUK coastal waters
MKFMediterranean to UK, fastMediterranean and North Atlantic
MKSMediterranean to UK, slowMediterranean and North Atlantic
OASouthend - Outward (N.-America)North Atlantic and UK coastal waters
OBLiverpool - Outward (North America)North Atlantic
OGUnited Kingdom - GibraltarNorth Atlantic
ONOutward, northboundNorth Atlantic and UK coastal waters
ONSOutward, northbound, slowNorth Atlantic
OSUK - FreetownNorth Atlantic, Central Atlantic
PKPetsamo (Kirkenes) - Kola FjordArctic Ocean
PQIceland - RussiaArctic Ocean
QPRussia - IcelandArctic Ocean
QSQuebec to Sydney CBCanadian coastal waters
RAKola Fjord, Russia - Loch Ewe, UKArctic Ocean
RUReykjavik - UKNorth Atlantic
SCSydney CB to UKNorth Atlantic
SLSierra Leone (Freetown) - UKNorth Atlantic, Central Atlantic
TAGTrinidad to Aruba and GuantanamoCaribbean
TAWTrinidad to Aruba and Key WestCaribbean
TBCThames to Bristol ChannelUK coastal waters
TETorch, eastwardMediterranean
TRINTrinidad, southeastwardCentral Atlantic
TSTakoradi to Sierra LeoneSouth Atlantic
UCUK to CuraçaoCentral Atlantic and North Atlantic
UGFUSA to Gibraltar, fastCentral Atlantic and Mediterranean
UGSUSA to Gibraltar, slowCentral Atlantic and Mediterranean
URUK - ReykjavikNorth Atlantic

56 convoy routes documented here.

This is currently not a complete list of all routes used by convoys. On this page you can see a list of all convoys we know to have been hit by U-boats.

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