Spitz (e. Pomeranian)

This Wolfpack operated from 22 Dec 1942 to 31 Dec 1942.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-123Horst von Schroeter22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 A
U-203Hermann Kottmann22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 B
U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 C
U-260Hubertus Purkhold22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 D
U-356Günther Ruppelt22 Dec 194227 Dec 1942U-boat was lostE
U-406Horst Dieterichs22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 F
U-440Hans Geissler22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 G
U-441Klaus Hartmann22 Dec 194228 Dec 1942 H
U-659Hans Stock22 Dec 194229 Dec 1942 I
U-662Wolfgang Hermann22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 J
U-664Adolf Graef22 Dec 194231 Dec 1942 K
11 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Spitz

Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
27 Dec 1942U-356Günther Ruppelt Empire Union5,952brONS-154
27 Dec 1942U-356Günther Ruppelt Melrose Abbey2,473brONS-154
27 Dec 1942U-356Günther Ruppelt Soekaboemi (d.)7,051nlONS-154
27 Dec 1942U-356Günther Ruppelt King Edward5,224brONS-154
27 Dec 1942U-441Klaus Hartmann Soekaboemi7,051nlONS-154
27 Dec 1942U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler Scottish Heather (d.)7,087brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler Melmore Head5,273brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler Ville de Rouen (d.)5,598brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-260Hubertus Purkhold Empire Wagtail4,893brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-406Horst Dieterichs Baron Cochrane (d.)3,385brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-406Horst Dieterichs Lynton Grange (d.)5,029brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-406Horst Dieterichs Zarian (d.)4,871brONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler President Francqui (d.)4,919beONS-154
28 Dec 1942U-225Wolfgang Leimkühler Empire Shackleton (d.)7,068brONS-154
29 Dec 1942U-123Horst von Schroeter Baron Cochrane3,385brONS-154
29 Dec 1942U-662Wolfgang Hermann Ville de Rouen5,598brONS-154
29 Dec 1942U-123Horst von Schroeter Empire Shackleton (d.)7,068brONS-154

8 ships sunk (39,849 tons) and 9 ships damaged (52,076 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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