Ship losses by month

May 1943

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 May 1943U-107Harald Gelhaus Port Victor12,411br
1 May 1943U-182Asmus Nicolai Clausen Adelfotis5,838gr
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke City of Singapore6,555brTS-37
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke Clan Macpherson6,940brTS-37
1 May 1943U-515Werner Henke Mokambo4,996beTS-37
4 May 1943U-125Ulrich Folkers Lorient4,737brONS-5
4 May 1943U-129Hans-Ludwig Witt Panam7,277paNK-538
5 May 1943U-123Horst von Schroeter Holmbury4,566br
5 May 1943U-264Hartwig Looks Harperley4,586brONS-5
5 May 1943U-264Hartwig Looks West Maximus5,561amONS-5
5 May 1943U-266Ralf von Jessen Bonde1,570nwONS-5
5 May 1943U-266Ralf von Jessen Gharinda5,306brONS-5
5 May 1943U-266Ralf von Jessen Selvistan5,136brONS-5
5 May 1943U-358Rolf Manke Bristol City2,864brONS-5
5 May 1943U-358Rolf Manke Wentworth5,212brONS-5
5 May 1943U-584Joachim Deecke West Madaket5,565amONS-5
5 May 1943U-628Heinrich Hasenschar Harbury5,081brONS-5
5 May 1943U-638Oskar Staudinger Dolius5,507brONS-5
5 May 1943U-707Günter Gretschel North Britain4,635brONS-5
7 May 1943U-195Heinz Buchholz Samuel Jordan Kirkwood7,191am
7 May 1943U-89Dietrich Lohmann Laconikos3,803grSL-128
9 May 1943U-123Horst von Schroeter Kanbe6,244brTS-38
9 May 1943U-515Werner Henke Corneville4,544nw
11 May 1943U-181Wolfgang Lüth Tinhow5,232brDN-37
11 May 1943U-196Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat Nailsea Meadow4,962br
11 May 1943U-402Siegfried Freiherr von Forstner Antigone4,545brSC-129
11 May 1943U-402Siegfried Freiherr von Forstner Grado3,082nwSC-129
12 May 1943U-195Heinz Buchholz Cape Neddick (d.)6,797am
12 May 1943U-221Hans-Hartwig Trojer Sandanger9,432nwHX-237
12 May 1943U-456Max-Martin Teichert Fort Concord7,138brHX-237
12 May 1943U-603Rudolf Baltz Brand4,819nwHX-237
13 May 1943U-176Reiner Dierksen Mambi1,983cuNC-18
13 May 1943U-176Reiner Dierksen Nickeliner2,249amNC-18
15 May 1943U-105Jürgen Nissen Maroussio Logothetis4,669gr
15 May 1943U-607Wolf Jeschonnek Irish Oak5,589ir
17 May 1943U-198Werner Hartmann Northmoor4,392brLMD-17
17 May 1943U-657Heinrich Göllnitz Aymeric5,196brONS-7
18 May 1943U-414Walther Huth Empire Eve5,979brKMS-14
18 May 1943U-414Walther Huth Fort Anne (d.)7,134brKMS-14
19 May 1943U-161Albrecht Achilles Angelus255ca
20 May 1943U-197Robert Bartels Benakat4,763nl
27 May 1943U-181Wolfgang Lüth Sicilia1,633sw
28 May 1943U-154Oskar-Heinz Kusch Cardinal Gibbons (d.)7,191amBT-14
28 May 1943U-154Oskar-Heinz Kusch Florida (d.)8,580amBT-14
28 May 1943U-154Oskar-Heinz Kusch John Worthington (t.)8,166amBT-14
28 May 1943U-177Robert Gysae Agwimonte6,679amCD-20
28 May 1943U-177Robert Gysae Storaas7,886nwCD-20
29 May 1943U-198Werner Hartmann Hopetarn5,231br
30 May 1943U-126Siegfried Kietz Flora MacDonald (t.)7,177amTS-41

45 ships sunk (237,182 tons) and 4 ships damaged (29,702 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

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