WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-48

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Please note that in the table below you can find a 'Map' column. This helps to find that particular attack on the map below.

Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
5 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Royal Sceptre4,853brA
8 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Winkleigh5,055brB
11 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Firby4,869brC
12 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Emile Miguet14,115frKJ-2D
13 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Heronspool5,202brOB-17E
13 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Louisiane6,903frOA-17F
14 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Sneaton3,677brG
17 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Clan Chisholm7,256brHG-3H
27 Nov 1939Herbert Schultze Gustaf E. Reuter6,336swI
8 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze Brandon6,668brOB-48J
9 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze San Alberto7,397brOB-48K
15 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze Germaine5,217grL
10 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Burgerdijk6,853nlM
14 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Sultan Star12,306brN
15 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Den Haag8,971nlO
17 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Wilja3,396fiP
5 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Stancor798brQ
7 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Frances Massey4,212brR
7 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Eros (d.)5,888brS
11 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Violando N. Goulandris3,598grT
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Tudor6,607nwHG-34FU
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Baron Loudoun3,164brHG-34FV
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing British Monarch5,661brHG-34FW
20 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Moordrecht7,493nlHX-49X
16 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Hedrun2,325swOB-197Y
19 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Ville de Gand7,590beZ
24 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing La Brea6,665brHX-65
25 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Athelcrest6,825brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Empire Merlin5,763brHX-65A
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt HMS Dundee (L 84)1,060brSC-3
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Alexandros4,343grSC-3
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Empire Volunteer5,319brSC-3
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt City of Benares11,081brOB-213
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Marina5,088brOB-213
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Magdalena3,118brSC-3
21 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Blairangus4,409brHX-72
21 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Broompark (d.)5,136brHX-72
11 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Brandanger4,624nwHX-77
11 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Port Gisborne8,390brHX-77
12 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Davanger7,102nwHX-77
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Languedoc9,512brSC-7
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Scoresby3,843brSC-7
18 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Sandsend3,612brOB-228
20 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Shirak6,023brHX-79
1 Feb 1941Herbert Schultze Nicolas Angelos4,351grOB-279
24 Feb 1941Herbert Schultze Nailsea Lass4,289brSLS-64
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Hylton5,197brHX-115
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Germanic5,352brHX-115
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Limbourg2,483beHX-115
2 Apr 1941Herbert Schultze Beaverdale9,957br
3 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Inversuir (d.)9,456brOB-327
5 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Wellfield6,054brOB-328
6 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Tregarthen5,201brOB-329
8 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Pendrecht10,746nlOB-329
12 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Empire Dew7,005brOG-64

52 ships sunk (307,934 tons) and 3 ships damaged (20,480 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Note on map. U-48 sank or damaged 55 Allied ships. Our map markers only have 26 labels (A-Z) at this time. This is why some of the markers have no label but otherwise work just fine. The markers are sorted by date, the first 26 successes have labels. This only affects about 20 of the most successful U-boats.

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.
In other cases the posititions are too close and the markers overlap, not much we can do about that.

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