WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-48

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
5 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Royal Sceptre4,853brA
8 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Winkleigh5,055brB
11 Sep 1939Herbert Schultze Firby4,869brC
12 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Emile Miguet14,115frKJ-2D
13 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Heronspool5,202brOB-17E
13 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Louisiane6,903frOA-17F
14 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Sneaton3,677brG
17 Oct 1939Herbert Schultze Clan Chisholm7,256brHG-3H
27 Nov 1939Herbert Schultze Gustaf E. Reuter6,336swI
8 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze Brandon6,668brOB-48J
9 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze San Alberto7,397brOB-48K
15 Dec 1939Herbert Schultze Germaine5,217grL
10 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Burgerdijk6,853nlM
14 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Sultan Star12,306brN
15 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Den Haag8,971nlO
17 Feb 1940Herbert Schultze Wilja3,396fiP
5 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Stancor798brQ
7 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Frances Massey4,212brR
7 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Eros (d.)5,888brS
11 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Violando N. Goulandris3,598grT
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Tudor6,607nwHG-34FU
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Baron Loudoun3,164brHG-34FV
19 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing British Monarch5,661brHG-34FW
20 Jun 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Moordrecht7,493nlHX-49X
16 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Hedrun2,325swOB-197Y
19 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Ville de Gand7,590beZ
24 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing La Brea6,665brHX-65
25 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Athelcrest6,825brHX-65A
25 Aug 1940Hans Rudolf Rösing Empire Merlin5,763brHX-65A
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt HMS Dundee (L 84)1,060brSC-3
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Alexandros4,343grSC-3
15 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Empire Volunteer5,319brSC-3
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt City of Benares11,081brOB-213
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Marina5,088brOB-213
18 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Magdalena3,118brSC-3
21 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Blairangus4,409brHX-72
21 Sep 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Broompark (d.)5,136brHX-72
11 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Brandanger4,624nwHX-77
11 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Port Gisborne8,390brHX-77
12 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Davanger7,102nwHX-77
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Languedoc9,512brSC-7
17 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Scoresby3,843brSC-7
18 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Sandsend3,612brOB-228
20 Oct 1940Heinrich Bleichrodt Shirak6,023brHX-79
1 Feb 1941Herbert Schultze Nicolas Angelos4,351grOB-279
24 Feb 1941Herbert Schultze Nailsea Lass4,289brSLS-64
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Hylton5,197brHX-115
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Germanic5,352brHX-115
29 Mar 1941Herbert Schultze Limbourg2,483beHX-115
2 Apr 1941Herbert Schultze Beaverdale9,957br
3 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Inversuir (d.)9,456brOB-327
5 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Wellfield6,054brOB-328
6 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Tregarthen5,201brOB-329
8 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Pendrecht10,746nlOB-329
12 Jun 1941Herbert Schultze Empire Dew7,005brOG-64

52 ships sunk (307,934 tons) and 3 ships damaged (20,480 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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