U-boat Fates

U-boat losses by year

U-boat Losses during 1941

This map shows positions of U-boats lost in 1941. The map is clickable and zoom-able (with the mouse-wheel).


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
7 Mar 1941U-47+45450Missing 
7 Mar 1941U-70 452025Warship 
17 Mar 1941U-99 43340Warship 
17 Mar 1941U-100 44386Warship 
23 Mar 1941U-551+45450Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
5 Apr 1941U-76 43142Warship 
28 Apr 1941U-65+50500Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
9 May 1941U-110 471532Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
2 Jun 1941U-147+26260Warship 
18 Jun 1941U-138 27027Warship 
27 Jun 1941U-556 46541Warship 
29 Jun 1941U-651 45045Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
3 Aug 1941U-401+45450Warship 
10 Aug 1941U-144+28280Warship 
25 Aug 1941U-452+42420Aircraft & warship 
27 Aug 1941U-570 44044Aircraft 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
10 Sep 1941U-501 481137Warship 
11 Sep 1941U-207+41410Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
4 Oct 1941U-111 52844Warship 
19 Oct 1941U-204+46460Warship 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
11 Nov 1941U-580 441232Accident 
15 Nov 1941U-583+45450Accident 
16 Nov 1941U-433 44638Warship 
28 Nov 1941U-95 473512Warship 
30 Nov 1941U-206+46460Missing, lost to mines 


U-boat CrewDeadSurv.Notes
7 Dec 1941U-208+45450Warship 
15 Dec 1941U-127+51510Warship 
16 Dec 1941U-557+43430 
17 Dec 1941U-131 47047Aircraft & warship 
18 Dec 1941U-434 44242Warship 
19 Dec 1941U-574 442816Warship 
21 Dec 1941U-451 45441Aircraft 
21 Dec 1941U-567+47470Warship 
23 Dec 1941U-79 44044Warship 
28 Dec 1941U-75 441430Warship 

35 U-boats lost in 1941 (887 men died and 645 men survived those losses).
+ means that the boat was lost with all hands.

U-boats scuttled at sea after battle damage are considered war losses and are shown above.

U-boat losses by year