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  South Arklow LV  Simon 03/16/2003 04:20AM
  Re: South Arklow LV  Mats Nordin 04/05/2003 03:42PM
  Re: South Arklow LV  Simon 04/06/2003 10:53AM
  HMS COMET 1918  Dave 03/29/2003 08:12AM
  Re: HMS COMET 1918  Brian 03/29/2003 12:55PM
  Re: HMS COMET 1918  Mats Nordin 04/05/2003 03:19PM
  Re: HMS COMET 1918  Dave 04/06/2003 06:19AM
  24 July 1918  Brian 04/03/2003 01:25PM
  Re: 24 July 1918  Ron 04/03/2003 02:59PM
  Re: targets  Brian 04/03/2003 10:59PM
  Re: targets  Ron 04/04/2003 08:57AM
  UB-59  William Grant 03/29/2003 11:36AM
  Re: UB-59  Michael Lowrey 03/29/2003 06:54PM
  Re: UB-59  Michael Weise 03/30/2003 04:53AM
  Re: UB-59  William Grant 04/02/2003 08:01PM
  Re: UB-59  Michael Weise 04/03/2003 04:05AM
  Re: UB-59  William Grant 04/03/2003 02:01PM
  Re: RESUPPLYING AND ETAPPENDIENST  Michael Lowrey 04/02/2003 01:57PM
  Search spanish ships  JOSE ANGEL DEL RIO 04/02/2003 06:30AM
  Re: Search spanish ships  Ron 04/02/2003 07:47AM
  Re: Search spanish ships  Dänemark 04/02/2003 08:46AM
  UB 21  Brian 03/28/2003 01:49PM
  Re: UB 21  Dänemark 03/28/2003 06:13PM
  Re: UB 21  Dave 03/29/2003 08:09AM
  Re: UB 21  Ron 03/29/2003 11:35AM
  Re: UB 21  Brian 03/29/2003 12:40PM
  Re: UB 21  Jan-Olof 03/29/2003 08:19PM
  Re: UB 21  Simon 03/29/2003 01:37PM
  Re: UB 21  Ron 03/29/2003 03:51PM
  Re: Harald  Brian 03/30/2003 04:10AM
  Re: UB 21  Dänemark 03/30/2003 06:14AM
  von Heimburg  Brian 03/24/2003 11:52AM
  Re: von Heimburg  Michael Lowrey 03/24/2003 12:22PM
  Re: von Heimburg  Brian 03/24/2003 04:46PM
  UC-48 and UC-56  Jose Angel del Rio Pellón 03/23/2003 06:44PM
  XPC Miura  Brian 03/21/2003 03:46AM
  Re: XPC Miura  Dave 03/21/2003 10:20AM
  Re: XPC Miura  Brian 03/21/2003 04:28PM
  Re: XPC Miura  Dave 03/21/2003 06:58PM
  Re: XPC Miura  Michael Lowrey 03/21/2003 07:08PM
  Robert M GRANT  MAX 03/19/2003 04:23PM
  Squid attack  Steve Cooper 03/17/2003 06:36AM
  Re: Squid attack  Yves D 03/17/2003 06:54AM
  Re: Not so far fetched  Brian 03/17/2003 12:16PM
  AMC Misurata  Brian 03/17/2003 02:49AM
  Re: AMC Misurata  Michael Lowrey 03/17/2003 04:45AM
  Re: AMC Misurata  Brian 03/17/2003 12:11PM
  Which Sub?  David Hepper 03/13/2003 03:44PM
  Re: Which Sub?  Simon 03/13/2003 06:14PM
  Re: Which Sub?  David H 03/14/2003 08:09AM
  Re: Which Sub?  Yves D 03/14/2003 01:27PM
  sunken tonnage claims  Phil Cullen 03/13/2003 08:34AM
  Re: sunken tonnage claims  Brian 03/13/2003 03:56PM
  Re: sunken tonnage claims  David H 03/13/2003 06:17PM
  Re: sunken tonnage claims  Brian 03/14/2003 12:40AM
  "Q-Boat Adventures" by Harold Auten VC  Innes McCartney 03/11/2003 05:24PM
  AVISO Hela for Sale  Sergey Miller 03/09/2003 03:20PM
  Carpathia  Frank Nemec 03/03/2003 03:38PM
  Re: Carpathia  Michael Lowrey 03/04/2003 01:45AM
  Re: Carpathia  Phil Cullen 03/04/2003 08:23AM
  Re: Carpathia  MAX 03/04/2003 03:59PM
  Re: Carpathia  Deryck. Swetnam 03/09/2003 10:31AM
  Max Valentiner  Jon Miller 03/05/2003 09:09PM
  Verscollen (new book)  Ron 03/03/2003 10:35AM
  Re: Verscollen (new book)  ricky 03/03/2003 01:47PM
  Re: Verscollen (new book)  Ron 03/03/2003 01:59PM
  Re: Verscollen (new book)  Jan-Olof 03/03/2003 05:17PM
  Re: Verscollen (new book)  Michael Lowrey 03/04/2003 01:52AM
  Re: Verscollen (new book)  Ron 03/04/2003 07:26PM
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