Puma (e. Puma)

This Wolfpack operated from 16 Oct 1942 to 29 Oct 1942.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-224Hans-Karl Kosbadt26 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 A
U-301Willy-Roderich Körner16 Oct 194226 Oct 1942 B
U-383Horst Kremser26 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 C
U-436Günther Seibicke16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 D
U-441Klaus Hartmann16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 E
U-443Konstantin von Puttkamer16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 F
U-563Götz von Hartmann16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 G
U-575Günther Heydemann16 Oct 194222 Oct 1942 H
U-602Philipp Schüler16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 I
U-606Hans-Heinrich Döhler26 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 J
U-621Horst Schünemann16 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 K
U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen23 Oct 194229 Oct 1942 L
U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein16 Oct 194222 Oct 1942 M
13 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Puma

Daily positions of U-boats of Wolfpack Puma. The letters are each assigned to one specific boat.

U-boat position. U-boat lost from the Wolfpack.

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
22 Oct 1942U-443Konstantin von Puttkamer Donax8,036brON-139
22 Oct 1942U-443Konstantin von Puttkamer Winnipeg II9,807brON-139
23 Oct 1942U-621Horst Schünemann Empire Turnstone6,113brONS-136
27 Oct 1942U-436Günther Seibicke Frontenac (d.)7,350nwHX-212
27 Oct 1942U-436Günther Seibicke Gurney E. Newlin (d.)8,225amHX-212
27 Oct 1942U-436Günther Seibicke HMS LCT-2281 [Trans.]291brHX-212
27 Oct 1942U-436Günther Seibicke Sourabaya10,107brHX-212
28 Oct 1942U-606Hans-Heinrich Döhler Gurney E. Newlin8,225amHX-212
28 Oct 1942U-606Hans-Heinrich Döhler Kosmos II (d.)16,966nwHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-436Günther Seibicke Barrwhin4,998brHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-224Hans-Karl Kosbadt Bic Island3,921caHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen HMS LCT-2190 [Trans.]291brHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen HMS LCT-2192 [Trans.]291brHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen HMS LCT-2284 [Trans.]291brHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen Kosmos II16,966nwHX-212
29 Oct 1942U-624Ulrich Graf von Soden-Fraunhofen Pan-New York7,701amHX-212

13 ships sunk (77,038 tons) and 3 ships damaged (32,541 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Trans.] indicates the vessel was lost while being transported on another vessel.

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